Dona Room 2

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Dona Room 2Dona Room 2Dona Room 2 is the latest Room Escape game released by the Japanese developer Noaki Nakashima.

In this sequel to Dona Room, you stand alone in a kitchen and guess what… you can open the door! Well, you can half-open it, but you won’t be able to leave this room before you get the potato chips bag locked in the cupboard and the piece of cake locked in the fridge!

The game contains some Japanese writings, just like in the original, but you should be able to solve this one even if you’re not a fluent Japanese reader/writer.

Look everywhere closely, collect the items and use them to escape this kitchen!

Have fun! (English version – this version is no more available on Noaki Nakashima’s site)

(Dona Room 2: Official link – Japanese version)

And if you didn’t already escape from the first Dona Room, click below.

Dona Room Dona Room

Update: Dona Room 2 walkthrough in comment #1.

Update: Dona Room walkthrough in comment #2.

Update: Dona Room 2 video walkthrough!

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95 Comments to Dona Room 2

  1. Nat wolff says:

    the little rat died*sniff*i named him skimpy

  2. adrienne says:

    ok wow. this took me 9058958906 times to get this..

    but for the safe, you need to record the 3 numbers.
    the square, circle and triangle. but notice the little note on the safe.
    it changes the pattern, so remember to use the right numbers =)

    i know its confusing.

    i hope this helped =)

  3. francisco velasquez says:


  4. Heather says:

    dude, i have like, six different numbers, which ones do I use? I can’t get the cake.

  5. Heather says:

    And, my bad egg says six, so the filled square is six, and my cellaphane says the six is star, is that possible? I’m mega bummed I can’t get this. :(

  6. Jodie says:

    god this games hard! :( gow do i get the triangle code?! i press the bulb, but nothing happens :S:S:S:S:S heelllpp!

  7. camille says:

    where is that coin?! i cant find it. between the bed and the matress? there’s nothing there

  8. jjjjjjg says:

    i know this is stupid but how do you the pizza cutter?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  9. irritated says:

    this is bull s**t! I have restarted the game several times, I have the rite codes and numbers, I have found everything, yet I still can’t unlock the cake!! :'(

  10. AFF says:

    Red Coin for Dona Room1:

  11. claireabell says:

    in dona two how do u get to the cooker hood to find ur triangle code

  12. Lucy says:

    can someone help me with donas room I can’t get the top drawer open and I can’t find the stupid coin. But I think thegame is really funny with the poster :P

  13. Lucy says:

    I just found the coin:

  14. David says:

    Ohhhhh! he means the draw thats really thin. I fell stupid :-)

  15. troy says:


    the symbol equation and how to figure it out


  16. troy says:

    on the above post the theres a *****correction*****


    srry about the mistake ,,, iwas getting ready for work when i typed that one up.

  17. chloe says:

    where is the little white dot in donas room 1? it says in front of the poster, left of the bed click thw little white dot but i cant find it anywhere !!! HELP !!!

  18. Nicole says:

    where the heck is the stupid screw so I can remove the lightbulb?

  19. Ally says:

    I have no idea how to turn the water on in Dona Room 2. Help? D:

  20. Elia says:

    Hi anyone has played the one in the bathroom yet???
    I am going crazy solving that one!!!:(

  21. ANDREA says:

    i need the stupid idiotic plain easy to read and understand obvious answers to this game or i willlllllll gooooo craaaaaaazY! so please, make a website for the people who have trouble figuring this crap out, ooooor, make the answers on the website more obvious and convenient because right now they are doind me NO GOOD!! (or how about you just put these games in ENGLISH because my cousin and i sure as heck DO NOT speak JAPENESE!!!!!!!!

  22. Austyn says:

    for everyone wondering about the top drawer its not the small ones on the right its the long one right above the chair i missed it to at first but it is a little confusing unless u know wht ur looking for

  23. Austyn says:

    btw thats for dona 1 and the coin you have to stay zoomed in on the equation on the wall the coin is above the hand pointing down its just a little rectangle that looks a little out of place

  24. Reg says:

    I still never really got how you solve for the inverted triangle, so I just did the trial and error thing and I got it.

  25. lali says:

    can someone give the steps to complete the game please!!

  26. J says:

    Troy, in your explanation for Dona Room 1, *where* is Show

  27. J says:

    Magic of posting… I missed that you’re supposed to look at the book Show

  28. -XxX-L'il Jess-XxX- says:

    what is everyone on about it. this page is for Dona room 2!
    i am really stuck i have Show

    but i cant reach it.

  29. jensa says:

    where is the pot?

  30. anonymous says:

    Wat or where is a range hood. HELP ANYONE!!! i tried everything

  31. anonymous says:

    never mind i found it go to the black thing over the stove and click on it. after search for a bulb holder screw thing in the right top near the corner and thats where it is.

  32. uziu says:

    help i dont know where the grate is!!

  33. uziu says:

    how do u get the pizza cutter and the key

  34. Lu says:

    whats up with that ending????????????? mouse is dead??????????
    it took some time for em to get the code…

  35. Caroline Campbell says:

    Smile, the mouse is not dead, his tale is wagging!

  36. Kayla says:

    the range hood is the Show

  37. annoyed!!!!!!!! says:

    i hate this game it sucks !!!!!! i got through all of it till the fridge im reli annoyed i worked it out and checked the numbers but they just didn’t seem to work !! god i hate that !!!
    my code was 6838 wot was everyone elses ???

  38. Will says:

    the mouse aint dead its full (the tail is moving) look at it up side down it smiling

  39. Aama says:

    Quite fine game with WEIRD end!
    But the safe number was totally random and had nothing to do with pizza cutter (I tried all possible combinations to get my number and after that I tried to find out the system. I also tried to use this system in another game, but I wasn’t successful)! My fridge number worked though.

  40. Aama says:

    Cool, my next game worked even with safe number!

  41. Will says:

    Dona Room 3 Walkthrough


  42. reirei says:

    Thanks Will! You are super duper!!!!!

  43. rachel says:

    i can’t figure out the code for the cabnet!!!!! i even try to align the pizza cutter on the starting piont in the oven but i keep getting 171 and i’m not sure if that is the right code!!!!! I REALLY NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!

  44. keeeeyum says:

    it seems like there is a glich in the system. my code doesnt work either. boohoo!

  45. Maria says:

    Now I feel for having some cake!! Show