Strawberry Cafe – Bunnys Room Escape 2

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After Enchanted Room Escape, Escape from Ice Cave, Color Vision Door, Suntrap Room Escape, Rabbit Room Escape, Tone in the Sky, Ice Stone Escape, Tone of Vesper and many more, here is Bunnys Room Escape 2, the latest Room Escape game from StrawberryCafe.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.56


2 Comments to Strawberry Cafe – Bunnys Room Escape 2

  1. dg says:

    Nice little game. The puzzles look difficult, but they are not. Walkthrough:
    Opening scene: Show

    Clue to password: Show

    Password: Show

    Opening scene: Show

    PC: Turn it on and enter password. Note colored puzzles/clues.
    Purple puzzle: Show

    Blue clue: Show

    Yellow clue: Show

    Red puzzle: Show

    Time to walk around. Show

    Back to PC.
    Green puzzle: Show

    The door opens, and you’re out.