Strawberry Cafe – Color Vision Door

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After Suntrap Room Escape, Rabbit Room Escape, Tone in the Sky, Ice Stone Escape, Tone of Vesper, Escape from Entrance Escape from the Daily Room 3D, Lunar Rainbow and many more, here is Color Vision Door, a little puzzler from StrawberryCafe.

Have fun!

Color Vision Door walkthrough (thanks smurfette!)

By Eric

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7 Comments to Strawberry Cafe – Color Vision Door

  1. Smurfette says:

    I have them all but the pink door. Maybe the power of posting will help me figure it out but I would appreciate any hints if anyone has one for me. :)

  2. osmodiar says:

    EG24 saysShow

    • Smurfette says:

      Thank you. I had figured it out a few minutes before and was working on a small walkthrough just in case someone needed it. :)

  3. Smurfette says:

    Walkthrough just in case it’s needed.

    Green Door (1) Show

    Purple/lavender Door (2) Show

    Orange (3) Show

    Red Door (4) Show

    Tan Door (5) Show

    Pink Door (6) Show

    Yellow Door (7) Show

    Blue Door (8) Show

    White Door (9) Show

    • White Wolf says:

      Pink door…..
      I thought FLICK was a misprint and CLICKED till my finger went numb… LOL

      • Smurfette says:

        Sorry about that. I guess I should have put not to click it. I didn’t think about that. lol