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PurismPurismYeah, FreeGamesNews is back on track! Let’s celebrate this bright day with Purism, a new Japanese Room Escape Game found this morning at FonGeBoon via Nordinho (thanks Ragtolin!).

The good news is that the game is already translated in English, so that there is no language barrier here!

Purism looks good, but I’m currently stuck trying to open the damn blue box located in the bottom drawer…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comments #16 (thanks bert, Drow and NetMonster!)

By Eric

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63 Comments to Purism

  1. lorena says:

    ii doubt anyone is playing hahaha.

  2. kirean says:

    where is the #$%@ screw#$%driver :_[]

  3. tey says:

    the handle is Show

  4. Stephanie says:

    WHAT DOT AM I SUPPOSED TO CLICK!!!!! Please someone help me >.

  5. tom tom says:

    I rlly dont get how to open the box plz make it more simple!!!

  6. samihgyt says:

    handle !!!!!!!????????imnew and i cant find it!!!????

  7. kl !!! says:

    it isnt 27 lori!!! its 26!!!

  8. kimberly says:

    How do i get the handle for the fragment???

  9. joey1520 says:

    iv clicked the table that the sculpture is on about a million times and i still cant get the screwsriver???someone plz help???

  10. joey1520 says:

    nvrmnd i finaly got it

  11. fran98 says:

    what da code for green box?

  12. fran98 says:

    how do you turn over the paper!?

  13. rach says:

    whats the fragment??? how do i cut the barcode?