StoneAgeGames – School Adventure Escape

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After Gargoyles Lair Escape, here is School Adventure Escape, the latest Room Escape game from StoneAgeGames.

“You must escape from the bad math grade you have received at school final exam.

You must get to school at night, go to the teachers room to find the grading book and upgrade your mark.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.64


9 Comments to StoneAgeGames – School Adventure Escape

  1. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    Ususal StoneAge stuff: a pretty good game, generally, but let down by far too much pixcel hunting.

  2. dg says:

    Well done! I got an A+ on a D- game…

    Hint on use of glass: Show

    • Scout88 says:

      I would never have finished the game without your hint. I was doing things in the wrong order. It is ridiculous that Show

  3. osmodiar says:

    It froze up on me right at the beginning: I did the tumbler puzzle then it just stayed there forever, wouldn’t let me click on anything.

    • dg says:

      After you do the tumbler puzzle, you just need to Show

      • osmodiar says:

        Couldn’t zoom out.

      • dg says:

        That’s strange. You need to move your cursor down to the very bottom of the game screen. Moving it down to the bottom of the lock image is not enough. If that doesn’t work, there’s a definite bug.

  4. osmodiar says:

    Okay, didn’t freeze up this time. Kinda short, but fewer navigation problems than usual.

  5. goldie says:

    Done, thnx all.