Yeam’s game – Past

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by Yeahm’s Game, the Japanese author of B2S Room Escape, here is Past, another Escape game that comes with no text.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.44


12 Comments to Yeam’s game – Past

  1. Roo86 says:

    First. Really liked the magnifying glass. Cute

  2. ShadowBelmont says:

    That was surprisingly easy i liked it though

  3. Screwed says:

    how the hell do i get the screwdriver? i can see it in the past, so how do i get it?!!?

  4. White Wolf says:



    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    That should get out.
    Good Luck!

  5. White Wolf says:

    I got a question….
    When I did this walkthough around 3pm locale there was only one comment. Now, 8pm locale, there are 3 comments ahead of me.
    Is there a date line or something between us? LOL

    • Eric says:

      Hey White Wolf, there is no magic here: the comments you’re talking about were held in moderation.

      I moved from Belgium to Colorado a week ago. I’ve been very busy since then, meaning less time to check out what’s going on online.

  6. Scout88 says:

    Loved it!

  7. goldie says:

    Thnxx all.

  8. osmodiar says:

    Nice game, I love the ability to see the past.