Hoshi Saga 6 – Ringoen

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Hoshi Saga 6 – Ringoen is the next installment in the never ending Hoshi Saga puzzle series created by Yoshio Ishii from Japan.

The concept in this sixth puzzle game remains the same: find the star in each of the 16 main levels and unlock 9 extra levels by completing rows and columns that appear on the main page of the game.

Just like its predecessors, Hoshi Saga 6 is very well done, but most of the puzzles are easy to solve. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.16


21 Comments to Hoshi Saga 6 – Ringoen

  1. Unowninator says:

    I’m stuck on stage 65. Can someone please give me a hint? (DON’T GIVE ME THE ANSWER; I JUST WANT A HINT!) Here’s what I got so far:


    • Moonstruck Dreamer says:

      Hey! @Unowninator: here is a hint (or two):


      Hope I didn’t give too much away!

    • adsd says:

      the roman number is the stage, and the number beside is the required moves to finish that stage

  2. Lizipher says:

    I’m stuck on 54. What am I supposed to do?

  3. bumblebee says:

    It took me a while to figure it out. for stage 65 Show

  4. J says:

    Unowninator, I’m stuck in the same place :(

  5. RunninglVlan says:

    Here is some advice:


  6. arsenicsauce says:

    For level 65


    read that at jayisgames

  7. Fundabolt says:

    That damn rotator puzzle GRRRRRRAAAAHHHHHH i give up!
    For once Hoshi Saga has beaten me!

  8. Matt says:



  9. White Wolf says:

    I can’t get them to load each time. I finish one then have to reload the page to get the next one. Don’t know what is going on with it.

    • And Introducing... A Leg says:

      I can’t even get it to work at all. Maybe I’ll try firefox.

      • Pam the goose says:

        Everything was working fine for me till there was a Flash update. From then on the black & white levels are mostly OK but none of the coloured levels work. They don’t go into the finish screen when you find the star and don’t mark the star as found so you never get the bonus screens awarded.

  10. loling says:

    im using firefox, but cant seem to get to the game either. cant even load the first page.. so, dont think its a browser problem. anyway, will try rockmelt or opera or chrome, or… looking for it in another site. =)

    sorry fgn. =)

  11. naruto♥ says:

    any help for stage 60??

  12. Slackta says:

    please, help for stage 74!

  13. dayanna says:

    HELP need to pass the 65 STAGE AND NOT AS IS … THE GIFT WILL HELP ME Q KISS Muaa.

  14. narutolove says:

    any help for stage 74 pleassee

  15. Ploooooo says:

    stuck on 64 help

  16. younis says:

    i am stuck in level 74 who could help me

  17. K says:

    For level 74