Hoshi Saga 5 – Ringoame

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Hoshi Saga 5 – Ringoame is the next installment in the never ending Hoshi Saga puzzle series created by Yoshio Ishii from Japan.

The concept in this fifth puzzle game remains the same: find the star in each of the 16 main levels and unlock 9 extra levels by completing rows and columns that appear on the main page of the game.

Just like its predecessor, Hoshi Saga 5 is very well done, but most of the puzzles are easy to solve. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Have fun!

Hoshi Saga 5 – Ringoame video walkthrough!
Hoshi Saga 5 – Ringoame walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

current rating 4.58

20 Comments to Hoshi Saga 5 – Ringoame

  1. Kongquake says:

    Video Walkthrough

    I hope this helps!


  2. beconaze says:

    Stuck on 33, 34, 40 and 42. Still to unlock 35, 45, 47, 48, 49 and 50

  3. beconaze says:

    First 5 levels

    • osmodiar says:


  4. beconaze says:


  5. Tom says:

    40 is posing a problem!

  6. MiniTaurus says:

    this series has awesome art style and smooth movement! Fave it ^^

  7. osmodiar says:

    It booted me out! Too many people playing I guess.

  8. jackivee says:

    Fun, but a little predictable. And I had to reload about 40 times!

  9. Prid says:

    @jackivee: Me too, and it was so annoying! And I also think the problem is that TOO many people are playing the game at once!

    But still, the game is pretty fun :)

  10. Prid says:


    - Level 26 -

    - Level 27 -

    - Level 28 -

    - Level 29 -

    - Level 30 -

    - Level 31 -

    - Level 32 -

    - Level 33 -

    - Level 34 -

    - Level 35 -

    - Level 36 -

    - Level 37 -

    - Level 38 -

    - Level 39 -

    - Level 40 -

    - Level 41 -

    - Level 42 -

    - Level 43 -

    - Level 44 -

    - Level 45 -

    - Level 46 -

    - Level 47 -

    - Level 48 -

    - Level 49 -

    - Level 50 -

    So sorry for not explaining so well. I didn’t want to make this Walkthrough, but it seemed that people needed help. However, here is a Text Walkthrough :)

  11. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    This game is seriously like buggy man!! Who would want to play a game that you have to reload like after every level! LOL Geez!!! Im gonna come back later!

  12. Leyla says:

    Can’t play this game :( after I’ve played a stage, the next one won’t load and when I try to restart the game it says ‘this service is unavailable’ :( I’ve tried to play it on Firefox and on Google Chrome, so don’t know what to do :(

    • sian says:

      it does that to me an sometimes doesn’t even loads the page :( i really like these games too

      • Leyla says:

        Yeah, me too. That’s why I played it even though I had to reload about 50 times :p I hope they will fix this problem as soon as possible!

  13. Megan says:

    This game was easy with the sole exception of level 40, which it seems a lot of other people got stuck on too. Fun game though!

  14. chowderprincess101 says:

    when i try to play it freaks out

  15. B&BLiamHope says:

    This really really beautiful (Liam and Hope will be married in Polignano a Mare in Italy in 2013 (I’m Italian and translated all of Google translator)) LIVE IN TORINO AND WE ARE WELL FOUNDED

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