Tomatea – Agatha: Atelier Escape

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After Escape from Burning Rome, here is Agatha: Atelier Escape, the fourth Room Escape game from Tomatea.

“My friend’s hobby is painting, mine is solving puzzles. Maybe it is the reason to lock me up when I came to pick up my portrait…”

Have fun!

Agatha: Atelier Escape walkthrough (thanks julliano!)

By Eric

current rating 4.06


6 Comments to Tomatea – Agatha: Atelier Escape

  1. julliano says:

    out !! so easy

  2. julliano says:

    walkthrough (sorry but i’m not English lol)


    oufffffffff lol


    • manami says:

      You forgot the 7th color inbetween:


      Thanks for the work for the rest, Juliano! I didn’t examine the Show

    • Sol says:

      Thank you, julliano, you filled the gaps!
      (Great, so in the end the girl got the painting, but it’s ruined …)

  3. aliceboy says:

    Just a little bit tougher than the average Abroy room escape. Nice look, nice low degree of challenge. Took me about 8 minutes.

  4. goldie says:

    nice game, thnxxx.