Tomatea – Escape from the Burning Rome

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After Orient Express Night, here is Escape from Burning Rome, the third Room Escape game from Tomatea.

“It is 64 AC and Rome is burning! Fire is approaching, use your skills and escape!”

Have fun!

Escape from the Burning Rome walkthrough
(thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

current rating 3.87


13 Comments to Tomatea – Escape from the Burning Rome

  1. Falaël says:

    Stuck with the knob and the Checkerboard under the tile. Must we draw a H letter, like depicted in the sketch ?

  2. Tom says:

    Match the checkerboard to the middle pattern over the side door. I’m still looking for the green gem.

  3. Pat says:

    Hi all, have red and yellow gem. Stuck with sword, knob and map, opened right side door.

  4. Tom says:

    Have sword, map, knob on a stick, red, yellow, and blue gems. Need green gem.

  5. Pat says:

    Hi Tom, where is the blue gem?

  6. Anonymouse says:

    Got green gem— theres a spot on floor right in front of table in bedroom

  7. Tom says:

    Stuck with a funky key, and trying to figure out the 4 animal puzzle.

  8. White Wolf says:

    Nice game once you get started. Took awhile to load.


    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    That should get you out.
    Good luck!

  9. WonderWorm says:

    I don’t understand the animals. Show

  10. goldie says:

    Nice game, thnxxxx.

  11. aliceboy says:

    One of the least logical room escapes I’ve ever played. I ended up leaving in frustration.