Ratmaze 2

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Ratmaze 2Ratmaze 2Found at PixelJam Games blog: “If you enjoyed the original Ratmaze at all, we think you’ll really enjoy this one! For one thing, it’s a lot more fun! There’s a colorful new maze to explore, some new moves (you can run diagonally), there are a lot more tasty cheeses to eat, apples for speed boosts, secrets, plus some of the biggest cheeses you’ve ever seen in the bonus areas! There are other new activities involving bouncing balls, holes, and an attractive new female Rat as well. Oh, and you can submit your high scores and compete with your friends and complete strangers!”

The first maze is playable in Ratmaze 2 as well, and a scroll mode lets you view the little rodent’s surroundings. If you miss pixelated games sometimes, you should give Ratmaze 2 a go.

Have fun!

By Eric

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6 Comments to Ratmaze 2

  1. Cassi C says:

    how do the people get the really really high scores….like 78928757 or whatever?

  2. Pipi says:

    At the bonus part, the big cheese are always in black (I can’t take them). Why?

  3. Yeah, yeah. says:

    Because you didn’t eat the bonus letters in the game.

  4. Orio says:

    I can’t find the last cheese! HELP ME! I have 53, and I’ve looked everywhere!

  5. Orio says:

    Oh, oops. This for Ratmaze Two, not one, sorry!