Alice is Dead – Chapter 3

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Alice is Dead – Chapter 3, the third installment in the Room Escape Alice is Dead series from Hyptosis and Mike M is live!

Bad news for all the fans, this one is the final episode of the trilogy.

Once again, this third chapter is beautifully done, with gorgeous graphics, good music and great atmosphere.

And just like the previous episodes, this last episode (but it is really the last one?) is on the short side!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.17


86 Comments to Alice is Dead – Chapter 3

  1. ratmq says:

    Bloody Hell! Stuck on the 2nd screen already. I have the bell Show

    Which I found Show

    I cannot figure out the password or what is on the Show

    Promises to be another good one.

  2. ratmq says:

    Oh, and I’m first BTW…..

  3. Genie says:

    I’m well and truly stuck! Looking at Show

    I can’t even back out!

  4. Serebix says:


  5. Genie says:

    Now have Show

    Need to Show

  6. Genie says:

    Now in Show

  7. Genie says:

    Can’t find any Show

  8. Lorena says:

    can’t findShow

  9. Genie says:

    nvm, power of posting. Show

  10. Who says:

    Aaaand out.

    I absolutely cannot believe it ended there. I’ve still got a page full of notes and roughly a billion questions unanswered!

    I’m sure most of that stuff was just red herrings, but aaaargh! I want answers! Too much awesome, not enough answers. Excellent, excellent game. I’m disappointed that there won’t be more, though. This was a series I always looked forward too.

    I’ll definitely be keeping my eye open for more by you guys.

    “this last episode (but it is really the last one?)”
    I can only hope not! ;] With that ending and how many things are still unanswered, see my shopping list of questions? Maybe we’ll get lucky. Not sure how they’d manage it, though.

    • John says:

      All i know is that the cat experiments were for the cheshire cat. Doesn’t that make sense?

      • answertoallguy says:

        Hiya, I’m revealing ALL I know. The answer to a lot of questions. Spiler alert will be off chart!

        First, I reveal the medals…


        Now, I reveal the WHOLE plot of the game


    • Joel says:

      Ok. Well I think the number for the briefcase referred to the first episode when he opened the chest to see the mirror? I may be wrong. I misunderstood the videos and thought the cheshire cat was actually Burr’s daughter, just mutated :)

      • blowhole says:

        She is! She got forced into the cats body, mutating it as she was forced in. That’s why her eyes are different colors. On for the girl, one for the cat. That is the reason the cat always says Burr was her dad in the texts.

    • Adam West! says:

      Look, from ep 1, theres a briefcase. thats YOUR briefcase. okay? okay. you obviously fell, or something to lose your memory, and Show

    • Ammyanto says:

      “Who was that Bloody Eye the scribbles in the bathroom kept talking about?”
      That’s the Cheshire cat!

      “Bloody Eye is watching you”, that’s what Cheshire does.
      “The Bloody Eye waits and waits”, also what Cheshire does.

      Besides, the Cheshire has one yellow and one (bloody) red eye.

    • Anne says:

      Agreed I felt the same way when I saw that this was the ending X.x what’s up with that?!

  11. ratmq says:

    And out, but Very “Anti-Climactic”

  12. Genie says:

    Oops, just died.

  13. Lorena says:


  14. Genie says:

    What a waste of time. I’ve got my live notes but I don’t feel like editing out all the unused information and questions I made whilst playing to make it into a walkthrough. Disappointing.

  15. Seti says:

    Hania’s song is beautiful. Was amazed by the fact a song like this was written for a small game:)

  16. JHDE says:


  17. torg13 says:

    after you finish the game one time, and refresh the page the third bathroom has no Show

  18. torg13 says:

    nevermind my bad its the same…

  19. Germ says:

    I beat it easily. ( easier than the others that is.) but what about the other two endings ? Anyone go those ?

  20. Erin says:

    Im inside the nightclub, but I’m lost. o.o

  21. anon says:

    call 555-7321 lol

  22. stass says:

    is anyone playing?I can”t find the number from the mirror..HELP..

  23. stass says:

    ok i just died that”s all i think e??

  24. kuaras says:…im sorry rabbit :'(

  25. Jacob says:

    okay i cant find the tapes ive read all of your posts when i go to the dumpster it wont let me in it or look around when i go to the dealer i cant talk too him and theres nothing on the tables! were are them tapes! someone help!

    • Yuffi Manson says:

      you need to find the one inside the nightclub first to take the other two.
      they can be Show

  26. Yuffi Manson says:

    For those of you that are so bad at this games as I am, here a quick walkthrough
    1. To the Hangout

    2. To the nightclub

    3. To the lab

    4. To power on the elevator

    That’s all! :)
    Thx everyone here for all the hints :)

    Phone numbers to call:

  27. DCM says:

    Amazing! I did it all to kill the rabbit \o/

  28. D says:

    What to do for secret medal for this game???

    • TheArtful2342 says:


  29. Megann says:

    Well that was the weirdest effing thing I’ve ever seen. Also somewhat less than satisfying, to be honest.

  30. TheArtful2342 says:

    I hope there’s more!! My questions were similar to Who’s.

    Aside from that, I was proud of myself for figuring out that Show

    Not that difficult, but still. Small victories.

    I was sure there was going to be some alternate ending. I went through and replayed it, figuring out that I could Show

    There were a lot of loose ends, but I feel like they’re better than that. So I’m sure there’s going to be more. Please?

  31. DAnox says:

    Oystercloud is a scientific program funded and organized by The Queen. The lead scientist, Dr. Raymond Burr, was in charge of its operation.
    In Alice is Dead Episode 2 if you type Oystercloud in to the computer terminal, you can read a log written by… Dr. Raymond Burr.
    The log says:
    “Project OYSTERCLOUD was developed at the request of *****. The project aims to merge our world with ABOVE. The first OYSTERCLOUD test was on June 13th, 193 but was a failure. We tried again July 2nd, 1937. The test results remain inconclusive. My research continues to look promising but I worry he may find me before I have time to finish it…”
    At the end of 2 you hit a button and it starts to rain fish. Why? Because you activated Oystercloud. The fish were from the world “above”, our world. Who was coming for Dr. Burr? Whoever it was killed him, since you find his body in Alice is Dead Episode 3. Why would he be killed? Because once Oystercloud worked The Queen would have no more use for him. The Queen had Burr killed once the research was complete.
    In Alice is Dead episode 3, you can gain access to “test videos” of the development of Oystercloud. In the logs, you hear Burr recording the results. The intentions were to transport things back and forth between worlds. He was using cats as test subjects. However something went wrong, and his daughter meddled with one of the experiments. She possibly merged with one of the test cats. Thus, the Cheshire Cat was made. This is why in Episode 2, the Cheshire Cat tells you to type “OYSTERCLOUD”. The Cheshire Cat WANTS you to know what happened. Also, in Episode 3, if you read the journal you can see that the rabbit had befriended the little girl prior to the accident. This is another reason the Cheshire Cat would want to help The Rabbit. The text messages from “Unknown” are from the Cheshire Cat. She refers to her Daddy, aka Burr.

  32. DAnox says:

    Before this, the Cheshire Cat is the unknown number that send messages

    What was up with that 555-7241 number?
    the number its 555-7243 and its like those joke numbers only

    What did the Rabbit start seeing on July 2nd?
    Cheshire Cat i think

    What was in that briefcase we got the combo for?
    its from the alice is dead part 1 (the end, when you find the mirror)

    What was Burr doing in the lab?
    he was a scientist

    And more importantly, what was the point of his experiments?
    The point of the experiments was to transport things to “above”

    What happened to his daughter?
    In an experiment with the cats, where Burr daughter was (i think) playing with one, their DNA got mixed and thats how the Cheshire Cat born

    Who was that Bloody Eye the scribbles in the bathroom kept talking about?
    idk about that one

    Where did the Hatter go after he got out in Chapter 2?
    idk again

    If the Queen was up that elevator, and Burr’s daughter didn’t want Rabbit to die the same way as Burr, but Burr obviously wasn’t shot…
    she didnt mean LIKE that, she meant she just didnt want him dead

    Who or what killed Burr?
    A:The queen did

    And did the Queen kill it?
    A:yes, btw the queen is a guy, its not a royal position, its more like a code name

    What did Burr’s daughter mean when she said Rabbit would believe in ghosts
    after watching the tapes?
    The Cheshire Cat said it is a ghost because it’s essentially a spirit – it horrifies people, and it has the ability to travel wherever it pleases. It’s a shell of its former self. Dr. Burr’s daughter as she used to be is dead

    What caused Rabbit to loose his memory?
    he had a disease that made him lose his memory like everyday a little, until he lost it completely

  33. Elsie229 says:

    Wow, that’s it? Show

  34. Jantonaitis says:

    Thanks a lot Danox, that really helped clear things up.

  35. Minimewcutie says:

    Uhmm…..Gonna sound kinda stupid, but how do you change the temperature? I’m in the kitchen, and I’ve clicked on the thermostat, but the arrows on it don’t work.

  36. Some Random Person says:

    Never mind, I got it. Stupid ending, though.

  37. inquisitive person says:

    wow that game was really good i loved it! but like everyone says it leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Like basically all the ones everyone previous me asked. But im really hoping there will be another one

  38. JabberWockyNG says:

    People who don’t know what the games are about or don’t understand, on Newgrounds (where the game originally came from, a-derp), the creator says that you have to make whatever you want of it. Meaning that you can pretty much assume anything.
    Also, Show

  39. Random Chick says:

    how do i change the odds? i cant figure it out :(

  40. marina says:

    it was so so… i like it but iwish it was longer and that they explained better the whole story! and i did all those things to kill the rabbit? :(

  41. SkyNinja says:

    Do the words “Alive Sliver” mean anything to anyone?

  42. sarah wallace says:

    how do u do this

  43. lost rabbit says:

    if mary ann is dead, who is sending msg for rabbit’s phone?

  44. bob says:

    then who is mary ann
    and i couldnt really hear what she was saying on the answer machine
    is it Show

  45. queenofhearts says:

    i found my first tape Show

  46. why do you wanna know says:

    WTF get the second tape all the walk throughs say the same so… i click on the dumpster nothing happens i don’t even know if have the second tape and whats up with fish sign