Alice is Dead – Chapter 1

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Alice is Dead - Chapter 1In Alice is Dead – Chapter 1, a new Room Escape game from Hyptosis and Mike M, you arrive in Wonderland just to discover that Alice is… dead! Your first quest is to discover what happened, and, more important, who you are! Nice game. A walkthrough is provided in-game. Have fun!

Alice is Dead – Chapter 1 walkthrough (thanks Alucard!)

Alice is Dead – Chapter 1 video walkthrough!

By Eric

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31 Comments to Alice is Dead – Chapter 1

  1. Sylli says:

    Hello, is anyone here?


  2. Sylli says:

    music: glorious :-) is determined from the Chest!

  3. Lizzy says:

    Love the comments when trying items on objects! “This isn’t the time to play cards with a shovel”

  4. Sylli says:

    Hello Eric,

    This woman seems to be a psychopath, aggressive and nasty! How can I protect myself?

  5. Alucard says:


    Translated from another site.


    You have won… Or not?

    I always found Alice in wonderland creepy, now I find it even creepier! XD

  6. GG. says:

    Out… a very nice game !
    I hope chapter 2 will come out soon !

  7. kasmine says:

    Kill the RABBIT!! AHHAHA.
    This is hilarious.

  8. IvuciiC says:

    Someone here?

  9. goldie says:

    Wow, nice game, thnxx.

  10. dg says:

    Nice and easy. There’s an in-game WT if you get stuck.

  11. sammetje2 says:

    Nice game. Good fun.

  12. hilman says:

    the dark side of wonderland, lol.

  13. iddyboo says:

    can’t get it links broken booooooh

  14. Eric says:

    @ iddyboo – Link works fine for me…

    Edit: site is down. Link updated!

  15. iddyboo says:

    yeah its now working for me hear I go

  16. Morpheus McGee says:

    OMG I love this game! Creepy, catchy psycho old tune, and awesome artwork. Can’t wait until Chapter II!

    Also – anyone found a use for that bell? :D

  17. Knotaklu says:

    Ok, I’m hooked!( actually, they had me at “Kill the Rabbit”. LOL)
    Any guesstimate as to when we’ll see Chapter II?

  18. Duong says:

    Don’t play it when it’s 2.30am and you are alone. I am rabbity.

  19. LMS says:

    Fabulous and fun! Always thought Alice in Wonderland was kinda twisted. Bravo, and cannot wait for chapter two.

    BTW, what is the name of that song and who did it? It’s wonderful. Anyone have any ideas??

  20. Leobiscuits says:

    The song is by Henry Hall and his orchestra. Hush, Hush, Hush, here comes the bogey man. (8)

  21. Elliekatie says:

    I LOVE IT! This is so wonderfully creepy! am now downloading the song… beautiful, PLEASE PLEASE bring out part two soon!

  22. Vixen says:

    What are you ment 2 do with the bell?

  23. Joe says:

    The trick with the bell is very annoying to do, but if done right something … I dont want to ruin it. But this it what you do. (SPOILERS) Make sure not to ring the bell until after you cut the stomach open. Once inside ring the bell once before the worm, then once after. After you kill the worm. Ring the bell twice infront of the empty mad hatter cell, then at the back door to his cell. Then look out the window. Wait for the guy to pop up “OYSTERCLOUD” ring the bell, then enter the computer room. Type in OYSTERCLOUD, then UNLOCK MARCH, then RABBIT, after that walk to the painting arrange the painting properly. Once the door comes down ring the bell 500 times, then ener the door… you’ll never expect this!!!!

  24. timbo says:

    I won!!!!!! :D Is that possible? And I am the rabbit!!!! :DDDD Somebody wants me dead!!!!

  25. Ammyanto says:

    Oh my. Show

  26. Seantel says:

    How do I kill the caterpillar?

  27. Seantel says:

    How so I cut the stomach open the glass is too sharp? It’s for the second chapter