Kaitai Dismantlement – Chapter Burger

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Kaitai Dismantlement – Chapter Burger is the seventh installment in the Kaitai Dismantlement series from Gam.eBB.

In this Point’n’Click puzzle game, as its name says, you will have to dismantle a Burger! To do so, you only have a screwdriver.

And your brain.

And that’s it! Now the question is: why would you take apart this Burger? Fans of the series know why…

Have fun!

Chapter Burger walkthrough
(thanks to NFresh and kudos to jdoe!)

By Eric

current rating 4.19


36 Comments to Kaitai Dismantlement – Chapter Burger

  1. Lorena says:

    anyone playing?

  2. Tom says:

    can;t figure anything out yet……

  3. tehBupp says:

    anyone figure out the tomato?

  4. Gissa says:

    aaaagh I don’t get the tomato!!

  5. Tom says:

    not yet either

  6. tehBupp says:

    oh i got the tomato


  7. galera12 says:

    And out.. not too bad… :-)

    With what number dus each word start based on the word you see?

  8. Djé says:

    Now stuck with the second meat layer (should be chicken…)

  9. wazoo says:

    I’m stuck on the 4×4 grid of letters. I don’t see any clue on how to solve it.

    • SaintNeil says:

      I’m stuck on the 4×4 too. The only thing I think that may be a clue is the “SAWNBE” text. I’m going on the theory that “A” goes in the southwest (SW) corner and “B” goes in the northeast (NE) corner.

  10. tehBupp says:


  11. cnm says:

    can’t get the 4×4 grid. like wazoo, tried everything but nothing works

  12. Leyla says:

    I really want a burger now! :D oohh, and I’m stuck :( haven’t found any clue to solve the bomb :s

  13. jdoe says:

    1 bread: Show

    2 puzzle: Show

    3 tomato: Show

    4 egg: Show

    5 abcd: Show

    6 bomb: Show

  14. osmodiar says:

    Did that one seem shorter and easier to anyone else? Many of the layers just needed to be unscrewed. Normally there are more puzzles, it seems like.

  15. NFresh says:

    WAlkthrough: gotta give my props to jdoe, cudn’t make this walkthrough with his/her help thanks!
    Though i see no reason a burger needs to be dismantled (they taste tooo good), here it is:


  16. What is “SAWNBE ” a famous fast-food chain in Japan or something?

  17. Apanathi says:

    that one was waaaay easier than the last ones!!

  18. goldie says:

    Thx all.

  19. dying4you says:

    Easy and out.