A Bonte Escape

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Fans of Room Escape games, rejoice! Bart Bonte, the author of the Factory Balls puzzle series, has just released a new Escape game, A Bonte Escape. “You find yourself dropped in a strange room, but are you smart enough to get out?” Nice and easy! Have fun!

A Bonte Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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12 Comments to A Bonte Escape

  1. Ulysses1922 says:

    Found some things, but am now stuck! I have Show

  2. miki says:

    How did you find the 3rd drink?
    I have

    • Ulysses1922 says:

      Feeding the bird:

      • miki says:

        thanks! Show

  3. miki says:

    I’m out.
    still stuck, Ulysses?

  4. MiniTaurus says:

    nice logic puzzle ^^

    pay more attention to the surroundings

  5. Tom says:

    Fed the bird, understand the code, found the ratios on the computer, haven’t figured out the safe combo. Grrr.

  6. Tom says:

    Never mind. Got it. For the outer safe, Show

    The rest was straightforward. Out.

    • Ulysses1922 says:

      The third number Show

      I made the same mistake!

  7. goldie says:

    Thnx all.