Rotate and Roll

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Rotate and Roll is a Physics-based spin puzzle game that reminds me of games like Sola Rola or Spin the Black Circle.

Your goal here is to rolls the ball(s) to the exit bubble to progress to the next level.

Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the maze and collect the coins to unlock the exit bubble.

Rotate and Roll features 40 levels of various difficulty and is lot’s of fun.

You’ll need a couple of minutes to get used to the controls, but once you do, you can’t stop playing it!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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48 Comments to Rotate and Roll

  1. Elizabeth says:

    UGH! I can’t get passed level 38! Anyone got any help for me?? Please.

  2. Person says:

    UGH! i cant get past level 25! help!

    • Katie says:

      first step:turn left then wait a second then turn a hard right the left to get in between the 2 spikes then turn right. hope that helps!

    • Taylor says:

      i cant even get passed level 23!! can you help me?

    • Ashley says:

      Start by pressing the left arrow and fall just enough that you are in front of the first space. While still falling, make a sharp turn with the right arrow. You should now be in the first space. Press the right arrow and fall into the second space. Here’s the hard part, make a fast movement with left and right. You should be in the 3rd space (This will probably take some practice! I tried forever! :D ). You should be on the left side of the stairs (thats what I call them). Press right arrow then left. You should be in the bubble!! Good-Luck! :D

    • Madison says:

      its ok. I had trouble with this level too. Just keep trying. Make sure to take it slow down the middle so you dont mess up. If you try hard enough, like i did after 64 trys. I believe youll get it.

  3. Ashley says:

    AHHH!!! HELP ME!!! I CANT GET PAST LEVEL 39!! I have tried and tried for days and I just cant make it through!! PLZ RESPOND!! THX!!!

  4. JAMIE says:

    iLIKE Can not get past level 29!!!;(
    Someone plz help !! ??

    • alexis says:

      keep on pressing the left arrow key and sometimes left to you get star then try to go to middle or somewhere till u reach bubble its not hard

    • Madison says:

      jamie, if you lean slowly towards the coin and then dart towards the bubble, within a few trys i know you can make it.

  5. alexis says:

    get past level 35 helpp

    • Madison says:

      i had trouble with this level but after trying my best i finially made it i bet if you keep trying your hardest you too will succed.

  6. rarmaster says:

    if people need help on level 14 probly not but quikly press space and push right arrow and let it fall btw i completed the game so any questions.

    • Ljane23 says:

      i totally need help on level 20…… i did it once but now i clicked new game PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! 8-P

  7. kayla says:

    CANNOT GET PAST LEVEL 39!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. abbie says:

    need help on level 31

  9. lotalot101299 says:

    I need help on Level 34!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bubbles says:

    I cant get past level 16 but everyone else says its easy pleease help me someone im desperate PLEASE

  11. lisa says:

    uhhh!! i cant get passed level 39 !!!!!!! HELP!!!

  12. Amy says:

    I NEED HELP ON LEVEL 16!!!!!!! :(

  13. Allie says:

    i need help on level 16 plz reply so u can help me thankz! :) whom eva replys is the best!:)

    • Ali says:

      if you need help you can always go onto youtube, type in rotate and roll, then you click on the first one. It helped me though all the levels and I have finished the game!!!! ( it helped me with 18 levels…. :) )

  14. Ali says:

    I need help on level 34!!!!
    how hard is level 39?
    everyones stuck on it!!!

  15. Jess says:

    I can’t get past level 38 on Rotate and Roll!!!!
    I can get the coin but I just don’t know what to do next, for the spikey thing goes away and comes back far too fast, help please :}

  16. megan says:

    OMG help me on level 14!!!

  17. JamesJazzRider says:

    Please Help I’m on Level 33!
    I Cant Do It

  18. nichole says:

    i can’t get past level 23 help!!!!!

  19. kat321 says:

    i cant get past level 14 someone help!

  20. CONNER says:


  21. kayla says:

    how do you get past 37??? plzz help!

  22. Mallory says:


  23. amy says:

    need help on level 14 ny ideas:$?

  24. PUT NAME HERE =] says:

    I cant pass level 15!!

  25. lex says:

    uh i cant get past 25, someone help please

  26. chris says:

    how can you get past level 37

  27. Sierra says:

    i can’t get past level 39, HELP!!!

  28. Billy Bob Joe says:

    Help with level 25 PLEASE

  29. Cely says:

    almost everyone is stuck on 39
    BUT I NEED HELP ON 38 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!