Spin the Black Circle

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Spin the Black CircleSpin the Black CircleSpin the Black Circle is a new skill game sponsored by Bubblebox. Your goal here is to control a little ball and make it reach the exit in a rotating maze while avoiding all the deadly traps. Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the maze.

The author, Alejandro Guillen, has put a lot of effort into creating some challenging levels: as a result, it is almost impossible to complete the 24 levels in a row. This is not really an issue though, because the game automatically saves your progress and your best time for each level, so that you can come back to it later.

Overall, Spin the Black Circle is a very nice skill game, but it is also a very hard game that was obviously designed for serious players: are you a serious player?

Have fun!

Update: Spin the Black Circle video walkthrough! 

By Eric

current rating 4.50


29 Comments to Spin the Black Circle

  1. *.* says:

    Very challenging, very addictive!

    I have only gotten as far as the level with the fast spinning wheel and the flames. Obviously this is where it starts to get pretty challenging. I will definitely be coming back for more!


  2. Polpo says:

    great game, but I can’t get past the last level. It’s so hard.

  3. Snowman says:


  4. Zoe says:

    I did it!!! :)

  5. *.* says:

    Anyone able to offer help on Lv. 16? I am getting but also getting frustrated after having tried it a million times or so…

  6. syd says:

    I cant get past lvl 23 !!!
    WOW is this hard.

    ill trie too hook you up with some pointers on lvl 16

  7. syd says:

    its not so hard really i just did it twice in row.
    you know how to do it, just be sure the ball doesn’t roll to fast.
    test when you turn back (a bit before the end of the platform)

  8. Zoe says:

    Hallo to my gravity fellows!
    As much as it started to freak me out in the beginning, i just culdnt stop.
    As simple as it looks, it is not but still, the real challange starts when you try to acheave the best (better :) highscore!
    Well so far, i got second best ever with a total time of 4min14sec! Yeaaaaa!!!
    It did take me about nine hours though to get there and complete the whole stages for about four times trying to top the time of each stage.
    The music is nice and relaxing somehow but after nine hours, you can still hear it playing in your brains even if you left your pc for a long time already.
    Tip: Try to imagine gravity in real life. What happens if you tie an object to a string and start spinning arround your self for example. It is all about timing, speed controll and warm fingers. In the end practise, practise and practise!
    Good luck and Have Fun!

  9. Zoe says:

    Stage 16 Tip:

  10. Jen says:

    Can anyone give some tips on level 22?

  11. Lee says:

    I Love this game.. ive got to the bit where you have the spinning square, HELP!!!!
    If i dont get over the square, i go into the flames! :p

    Ill be coming back!

  12. Obama says:

    lvl 18 plz!! Its so annoying!

  13. BlazeHun says:

    how to complete the last level (lvl 24)?

  14. Dec says:

    Yeah, the last level is owning me. Do you do a reverse 180 to get it around the corners or what?

  15. Art says:

    On the last lvl, I’ve been tryin to use the bounce off the blue thing and it works to get around the first spikes, but then its kind of hopeless afterwards, ugh, I hate it when I can’t complete the darn game and I’m so close.

  16. matte says:

    stuck at level 23 as well can’t figure out how to get through the top level part.

  17. thomas says:

    God damnit!! i cant get pass lvl 12 right in the end.. just before u get into the black portal :p always hit the spikes.. Any advise?? :p

  18. thomas says:

    Never mind :p lol just completed it :0

  19. Fx says:

    I have passed the 23th and i have the tips.
    When you have passed the flame, your will be the the corner of the map … Do an entire circle to arrive between the 2 groups of hooks.
    Come back rear to go in the top of the bone, near hooks with fire, then to turn has left (not in the vertical) and you leave slide towards the 1st group of hook, the small cornice. Balance, then let throw on right by straightening to avoid the 2th group of hook.
    Final part is easy !

  20. justin says:

    idk why but im having realllll bad problems with lvl 19…help at all?

  21. OMG says:

    ahh i need help with 19 too……i have bad timing

  22. justin says:

    rawr..the last part with the last turn with the blue…thats where i cant figure it out:[

  23. Steve P says:

    For those stuck on any level, just go to Youtube and search on Spin the Black circle. There will be a bunch of Pearl Jam videos (it’s a title of one of their songs) and a walkthrough of this game. It will show you all you need to know. I finally beat level 24 by watching the walkthrough. For a game like this, no verbal description can match actually seeing someone do it successfully. BTW, my total time was 6 minutes and 48 seconds (not counting the 12 years off my life it cost me to do it :) Good luck but don’t bother trying for a best score- the leader boards been hacked; the fatest time is 1 minute 29 seconds and it is not possible to finish that quickly. Still, if you beat the game you may just want to have your left and right arrow keys bronzed :)

  24. justin says:

    thank you steve!

  25. gamemod~J James F. says:

    on the sqare maze level, make sure you are going just the right speed to get to the next length of floor. (oh and spikes are everywhere so be careful)
    PS: go faster than you think you should. Human instincts tell you to slow down when you actually should speed up. (also put the thingy on medium(not low or high)

  26. Snowman says:

    Yeah, I HATE hacked leaderboards…

  27. Ha Ha says:

    This is hard…

  28. Maxim says:

    Game is hard. I just watch videos on youtube, and then try to pass the level.
    But 24 is really hard. Can’t pass it for two days.

  29. Dinoblue says:

    im stuck on lvl 16 its crazy ! XD