Rental House

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Rental HouseRental HouseRental House is a new Japanese Rom Escape game created by Gump. This game is the sequel to the previously reviewed Terminal House released earlier this year.

The game is in English and almost without text, so there is no language barrier. Once again, you find yourself trapped in a room, and the door is… locked! You notice that the door doesn’t have a keyhole so don’t waste your time looking for a key!

Rental House comes with the same high quality level of graphics and animations, just like the original. The game is much easier to complete than Terminal House, and is recommended for a 60 minute lunch break.

Please be patient while the game is loading.

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks mammy!)

By Eric

current rating 4.00


46 Comments to Rental House

  1. rg says:

    So far I’ve found a: glass, torn paper, flashlight, batterys, pill, and coin. Now stuck.

  2. tolly says:


    that’s all for the time being

  3. Moebius says:

    I’ve found only Show

  4. Mosh says:


    a little help:


    so long

  5. tolly says:

    where did you find the key and the address book?

  6. Moebius says:


  7. Da Revolver says:

    I found Glass , Flashlight, batteries for flashlight, pill, coin, Both pieces of torned up piece.

    now im stuck.

  8. Moebius says:

    Opening the safe:

  9. mammy says:

    Comment By NCn (Edit – Source: Lazylaces)


  10. Moebius says:

    the code of the machine:

  11. Moebius says:

    And that’s all, folks

  12. Wizzim says:

    The paper with the green dots is the combination of the safe. Rotate the paper 90°, 180° or 270° clockwise (sorry, can’t remember), and begin to type the keypad according to the schema, beginning with the top-right ending of the drawing.

  13. Wizzim says:

    For the safe :

  14. Da Revolver says:

    ok i got it tx.

  15. A says:

    how the hell do u rotate the paper!please help me b4 i go insane!

  16. Wizzim says:

    A : You can’t rotate it in the game, you must “imagine” the rotation i.e. how the shema would look like if it was rotated….

  17. novy says:

    where do yu get the pill from?

  18. 8one6 says:

    Creepiest ending I’ve seen for a web game so far!

  19. Borneville says:


  20. noodle says:

    my flashlight wont go on. i put in the batteries but it still wont work

  21. Mark says:

    that game is really good, took me a good 15 minutes!

  22. xoxcheerbabyxox says:

    weird ending…i didnt get it

  23. lattelilma says:

    my code for the safe was..
    [spoiler]74862, you have to turn the paper upside down and start at the bottom left]

  24. Jeremy & Nick says:

    Wow, this game was really amazing, me and my brother wanted to do this one without the walkthrough and actually did. Definitely the best escape game!

  25. Ka+ie - lol says:

    Help me plz!!!!! I cant find the 2nd battery i know its in the cupboard but i cant find it!!! any hints??

  26. Ka+ie - lol says:

    nevermind I got it
    wow spooky ending :)

  27. lilbilly gonzalez remirez coomplayono says:


    the numbers on the machine

  28. mokahGG$@321 says:

    oh my gosh what an awesome game! i loved it…

  29. lalala.... says:

    google dartboard?

  30. bam says:

    where is the other coin? i found the one coin in the sink

  31. pinkpanter says:

    Would somebody please tell me, how to put bateries in the flashlight? I treied dragging them but it’s not working. Thank you!

  32. Emily says:

    Sorry Need Some Help Do You No Where Is The Coin Is ?

  33. helena says:

    emily!inside the sink!!!!!!!!!go wear your spectacle!if you don’t have money to buy spectacles,i give you 10 cent.if not enough,i give you 5 cent.enough?????????ggggggggggggooooooooooooooddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. helena says:

    ummmmmmmmmm anyone help me??????? i cannot click behind the sink.heheheh……………..

  35. helena says:

    I GET IT HOOOOOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i so proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. helena says:

    man,the blue man like a real man! try imagine the with colours like ours! it’s like likin park singer! ah so cute!

  37. Syira says:

    Sorry…I need help here…Where I can find another coin?I didnt see it…Please,help me…I m really your help right now…If I dont have another coin,how I can buy the red soda?Please..

  38. Meh says:


  39. Captain Fish says:

    Clicking on the door gives a really cool knocking and kicking animation, kinda suprised me the first time.

  40. Hints? says:

    A little bit of hints here

  41. Earth says:

    What the HECK happened at the end?! That was SO scary!!

  42. mistyangel says:

    how do you google the dartboard?

  43. confused says:

    the flashlight…doesn’t work

  44. usman says:



  45. mana says:

    help =l

  46. be bi says:

    i put water, blue can, pill and red can at the end, but still got yellow can