Terminal House

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Terminal HouseTerminal HouseTerminal House is a new Japanese Room Escape game from Gump released four days ago.

The game begins with a pleasant introduction, and, if I don’t read Japanese, I can easily imagine that you’re stuck in this room and you need to escape!

With neat graphics and nice 3D animations with zoom-in effects, Terminal House looks interesting and I got a feeling that it might be good.

Please be patient while the game is loading.

Have fun!

Source: Nicop

Update: walkthrough in comment #69 (thanks NOIZE!)

Update: the game is now avaiable in English. Links updated!

By Eric

current rating 3.25


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  1. BB7UP999TROUBLE says:

    wheres eric he plays every game and gives a walkthrough

  2. havasu says:

    i cant get the camera and the usb connected help please

  3. usman says:

    i won thanks NOIZE

  4. Answers says:


    Step 1:Show

    Step 2: Show

    Step 3: Show

    Step 4: Show

    Step 5: Show

    Step 6: Show

    Step 7: Show

    Step 8: Show

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    Step 10: Show

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    Step 17: Show

    Step 18: Show

    Step 19: Show

    Step 20: Show

  5. lynn says:

    How many points do you need from the pictures to get the coin?

  6. Kolee says:

    omg, i cant find the wrestler arm thing!!!! help!!!!!

  7. wigo says:

    what are you supposed to do at the arm??

  8. John says:

    I’m just waiting and waiting but the man and santa only came once when ufo takes them so i didn’t have a picture isn’t there any chance to visit them frequently

  9. Prima says:

    I gave up with this game at the wrestling arm!!!! I drank the MAX amount of energy drinks but, doing that, still doesn’t slow down the dots that you’re required to catch, to beat it? I’m glad I hit that roadblock early on in the game and not at the end of the game, so I didn’t waste too much time playing this one!