Bread Girl 2

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Here is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Bread Girl 2!

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Have fun!

Bread Girl 2 walkthrough (thanks Tom!)

By Eric

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10 Comments to Bread Girl 2

  1. Em says:

    dont know where to use Show

  2. Em says:

    ok, nvm…It really help you to write a comment!

  3. emez says:

    im really stuck on the Show

    key part

  4. Tom says:

    hint Show

  5. Tom says:



  6. Tom says:

    There may be two of us…..

  7. emez says:

    THX TOM!

  8. Tweety says:

    Another very sweet game from Minoto!
    And easy too! :D

  9. Prid says:

    – MINOTO QUIZ NR. 4 –

    Please play BREAD GIRL 2 before doing this Quiz, if you have never played it before. And please close the Game when taking this Quiz!

    Play MINOTO QUIZ 4 and test your Skills + Play a BETA Game in the end

    I wanted to make something Special for everyone. This is a small Quiz with 10 Questions. It will test how much you remember about Minoto and about this game! Once you’re done, you will be shown how many correct answers you got, and a small message :D

    There is a SPECIAL BETA GAME in the end of the Quiz. Please tell me how it is, as I spent over 4 Hours making it!

    Please tell each other your Results

    Please, I am dying to hear your comments! I’ve been sitting on my Laptop for over 4 Hours now, STRAIGHT, just to bring this Quiz and special game to you. The game in the end is just a DEMO version of an upcoming game! The idea was in my head for a long time, and finally after a lot of work, some of it is alive :D

    Type: Quiz
    Time Used: 30-40 Minutes on Quiz + 4 Hour on Special Game
    Total Time: approx 5 Hours
    Total Questions: 10 + Special Game
    Made on: 29th March 2010
    Made by: Prid

    • Minoto_fan_1 says:

      I like your quizzes! It makes the game more fun. I was hoping you would be posting one for Bread Girl 2! Thanks so much!!