Panda’s Bigger Adventure

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The Panda character created by Rob Donkin and RobotJam for the Panda Adventure series is back in a new Point’n’Click adventure, Panda’s Bigger Adventure!

“After discovering a time traveling ‘portaloo’ machine, Panda’s life has been a roller coaster of discovery, adventure and thrill.

This time Panda must help the portaloo’s real owner get free from a future space prison. Venture back in time to Ancient Italy, World War II, the Wild West and the Mob Ruled America to break the prison encryption key and finally get back home for some hobnobs and cup of tea!”

This new installment is as nice as the previous one, and it’s still on the easy side!

Have fun!

Panda’s Bigger Adventure video walkthrough!

By Eric

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49 Comments to Panda’s Bigger Adventure

  1. Gretchen says:

    I must be completely dense–I cannot figure out the box in DaVinci’s room. If anyone is out there–please help!

    • Blahhhh says:

      Look at the note. The uppercase letters are the direction on a compass. Push those buttons then the red ones.

    • mamamia! says:

      i need help with the box too! can someone put tell me exactly what to do, i did wut the walkthru told me to do but it still didnt work! PLZ HELP!

  2. monte says:

    just starting

  3. NoviceG says:

    Ooh – just got that one. Look at the Show

    They are Show

    Enter them in the box.

    • Shooting says:

      I don’t really understand what you said….. ^_^”

    • Claire says:

      are you talking about the box in dicincis workshop? if not idk how to do that part plss help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      • Kathleen says:

        the capital letters on the note stand for NNE, SW, NW. There directions for the compass they stand for NORTH NORTH EAST, SOUTH WEST, NORTH WEST.

    • woodydewood says:

      which three of them?

  4. NoviceG says:

    Done. Entertaining little game though that panda’s paws are a bit clumsy to control.

  5. monte says:

    I cant figure out the pipes for the liquid. i get that it is bad water or gulp yuck

    • RambunctiousNerd says:

      I know it’s been over a year since they made this post but I wanted to know the same thing. Since I just figured it out, I thought I’d post my discovery and help the next person stuck on this puzzle.
      Once you get the pipes connected from top to bottom,Show

  6. monte says:

    figured it out. helps when you get the cat and get the book. i am dumb today. too much basketball

  7. monte says:

    i got the fish but when i put in 112358 nothing happens. any ideas?

    • NoviceG says:

      The fish contains more than a numerical code.
      1. Show

      2. Show

      3. Show

      4. Code: Show

      • fjgfj says:

        hen i enter the code what do i do then

      • ozzy says:

        need help for the last code. Show

      • joseph says:

        I have two symbols that are the same what do i do i am so confused and when i enter my code i have to put in a extra number to make the code disappear.

      • taylor says:

        i tried put in the code from the cod but one of the symbols on my cod was not on the machine!!!! what do i do…. also, when i count what numbers the symbold stand for should i count from right to left by rows:

        help… its like im so close to winning but yet so far.

    • Deatheater says:

      to get the enigmatendo code,Show

      # hope this would help

  8. monte says:

    out, but with only 7 critters. i couldn’t get the food for the bird.

  9. monte says:

    did you get the food for the bird?

  10. NoviceG says:

    I only saw about 3 critters – was I supposed to be collecting them?
    Bird? What bird? The parrot that did nothing but insult the panda? I wouldn’t have fed it.
    I finished with a number of unused items in my inventory – maybe that’s ok – I don’t know.

  11. monte says:

    i looked at the walkthrough and it list where the critters are. i could not get the parrot one.

  12. NoviceG says:

    Critters – look at the hints given in the walkthrough images on the site. 9 of them to find?

  13. Hey Peeps says:

    I cant do two of the critters – the feeding parrot one and the jail house one?

  14. Kongquake says:

    video walkthrough here

  15. NoviceG says:

    On a replay, using those hints I got 6/9.
    The 3 I missed:
    1) I have no hope of getting the duck one – it was hard enough completing that mini-game as it was.
    2) No luck with the parrot either. I tried shooting it, throwing a rock and coin at it and even wanted to take panda’s hat off to cover it. I wonder if you can use either the hat or the bread before using them in the main game?
    3) Elvis hint – what did you have to do?

    • Shooting says:

      I hope that this helps ya! ^_^




  16. monte says:

    i figured out the bird one. use the cat before you give the cat to the prisoner.

  17. monte says:

    got all the critters. throw the rock at elvis when he is in theship.

  18. james says:

    i entered Show

    but nothing happened!!!

  19. Tom says:

    I only got 6 critters too. Goning back to try for more.

  20. Ray-Ray says:

    that’s da bookcode? Show

  21. tubademon999 says:

    the numbers on Show

  22. Shooting says:

    How do I get the shooting duck critter? So hard T-T

  23. Shooting says:

    Wait nvm I got the ducky one =D YAY


  24. JJJ says:

    what is the fork for???

  25. cat says:

    what do u do after u enter the code in the box

  26. chrissy says:

    how do you get critters 1 and 6 ?
    those are the only ones i need :\
    help? :)

  27. Alice BaileyClaire says:

    Will someone tell me what I have to do with the box in Da Vinci’s workshop? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Thanks, Claire

    • Danielle says:

      okay here’s what you do:


  28. elmo says:

    um i need help with the code to get elvis out its way to hard plzz help me

  29. grace says:

    how do unlock the code Show

    i dont get it

  30. woodydewood says:

    I dont understand the box thingie will somebody tell how to do it? i think panda’s big adventure is much more easier

  31. MCRFTW42Rainy says:

    Guys, when you free Elvis, look at the code-cod. It’s telling you the code to the thing. The language that’s on top is the numbers on the bottom. Then read the code left to right, top to bottom, enter the numbers into the pad thingy and he’s freed.