Cogito Ergo Sum – Easter 2010 Escape

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Easter 2010 Escape is the latest Room Escape game from Cogito Ergo Sum, the author of Exit not Found, Multiple of 3 Escape Game, Balcony Escape, Snack Escape: Starring Wan, Nyan and Monjiro, A Cold Escape and more. There are two endings in this one… Have fun!

By Eric

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22 Comments to Cogito Ergo Sum – Easter 2010 Escape

  1. NoviceG says:

    Ooh, I like this series. Let’s see how this one is.

  2. NoviceG says:

    Have to go to lunch now but have Show

    Back soon.

  3. wereleopard says:

    Done, both ends :).

  4. dg says:

    Very nice! Logical clues, not too hard. I’m not happy with either of the 2 endings:

  5. NoviceG says:

    Back from lunch and missing an egg. I’ve Show

    What am I missing?

  6. monte says:

    I have 6 eggs, but only one skill that brought down the mailbox. wood is in fireplace. I have two stck drawers and two codes that i cant break.

  7. monte says:

    got the color one open and got punch skill. got oil and two more eggs. upto 8 eggs, but i still cant get the 3 digit code for the cabinet

  8. NoviceG says:

    Out now Show

    Happy End?

  9. monte says:

    i still need the three digit code. i cant figure it out.

  10. MiniTaurus says:

    2 nice game this night ^^

  11. NoviceG says:

    3 digit code
    Pendulum Show

    Order: Show

    Pink book, left hand page gives Show

    and came up with Show

    I then had to try each in turn.
    Was there a step/clue I missed? Or was there supposed to be a bit of forcing?

  12. nm says:

    NoviceG, 5 is in circle on the clock

  13. Em says:

    need help!


  14. adib says:

    who do you know the password about the brown box

  15. dearness says:

    for anyone having issues with the book codes Show

    btw from what i figured there are actually 3 endings and none of us has found the third. i feel like all of us are missing something since there are four more item slots left…