Line Simulator

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In Line Simulator, a Point’n’Click game created by Nicholas Wood, you are waiting “in line for the Playstation 4 to come out. There’s only one problem: you’re not first in line. Kill off the other people in line and be the first one to get your hands on a Playstation 4!” Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

By Eric

current rating 2.92


20 Comments to Line Simulator

  1. Andy says:

    Dang… made it to 3rd in line, I think.

    Can’t get past the “…” guy.

    I have a hand, a stick, and a gum wrapper, maybe? Pink napkin?

    • Rudolphlatios says:

      I cant get past it either, when you find out will you tell me?

      • LineGuy says:

        Use the hand on the trash can, it’ll allow you to look inside. You can only pickup a sliver razor blade, then hit close to go back. Give it to the “…” guy and he’ll kill himself.

      • Jeremy says:

        I got 2 in line. Dont no how 2 get past the dude

  2. galera12 says:



  3. monte says:

    stuck on girl sitting down.

    • Quazy says:


    • LineGuy says:

      Chew the gum and you’ll blow a bubble into her hair and she’ll run away.

  4. monte says:

    forget it, i am out

  5. Quazy says:

    Stuck at epic battle with a chair, no idea at this point.

  6. Wow…This takes me back to my beloved NES! If it wasn’t for the slight gore, I would rate this on top!

  7. Jessy says:

    if you gather all the collectibles, you get a cutscene instead of the final battle. can use TAB to help look.

  8. Jeff says:

    I can’t find one of the items…found 19 out of 20

  9. Amvrosii says:

    Wait he’s waiting for a Playstation 4 PLAYSTATION SUCKS

  10. william says:

    you keep clicking on his glasses and when he loses them you beet him over the head with a chair