DooDoo Tour 2 – Arrival

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DooDoo Tour 2 – Arrival is the second installment in the DooDoo Tour Adventure series from Andrey Anisimov (DooDoo Safe,, Concertalino). “I am a woman, but to get into the plane, I made-up as a man. The plane landed at the airport… Customs, taxi – and I’ll be at the resort.” Have fun!

By Eric

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16 Comments to DooDoo Tour 2 – Arrival

  1. Andy says:

    I finally managed to solve the dice puzzle, but I’m spinning my tires here.

  2. NoviceG says:

    Working on the dice puzzle … I may be here a while.

  3. monte says:

    how do you do the dice puzzle?

  4. NoviceG says:

    finally done the dice puzzle!

  5. NoviceG says:

    I’ve got so many items and I can’t even see what some of them are to list them!

    Anyone know what the aim of Show

    I don’t even know what to try to do.

  6. NoviceG says:

    Now know what to do. Good grief, this is hard. Show

  7. NoviceG says:

    Oh dear – I’ve been arrested for passport forgery!

    Started again. I have Show

    Can’t get past the camels though.
    Monte, did you ever pass the dice puzzle – it’s different with each game.

  8. NoviceG says:

    Camel trip planned – Show

  9. monte says:

    i never did, how is it supposed to go

  10. NoviceG says:

    Monte – the numbers at the ends of columns/rows/diagonals tell you how many dots you can have in that row/column/diagonal.
    Fit pieces in accordingly.
    There’s not enough information given to give a definite starting point so it’s a lot of trial/error/time.
    I’ve just been arrested again – first restart got me the same dice puzzle, second didn’t. I can’t be bothered to solve it all again.
    Looking in on EG24 they imply there’s a small number of puzzles you can be given, so you may find someone who has your combination.
    I don’t remember my starting numbers but first twice around my solution was:

  11. monte says:

    oh my god, i just finished the dice game and i want to shoot myself

  12. monte says:

    i am giving up.

    too much weird stuff to do and it wont save when you get caught

  13. NoviceG says:

    I gave up on this game yesterday but have had another go today.

    Partial walkthrough – I don’t think anyone’s managed to get much further than this, though I can’t read Russian to see how things are in the game’s home country.

    Airport lounge: Show

    Passport control: Show

    Baggage handling: Show

    Bus stop: Show

    Bus driver: Show

    Go back left 4 times to airport lounge. Show

    Go right twice to baggage handling: Show

    Return to airport lounge. Show

    Passport control again: Show

    Bus driver’s table: Show

    Bus stop: Show

    I have not been able to complete this last step as I’m not quick enough – I also found a bug where it looks like you have the bricks in position but they’re not. This last step and lots of help on the baggage puzzle I pinched from EG24 whom in turn got them from the Russian forum. I may try again in the future but I’ve currently had enough.

    Passport control/dice puzzle.

    I’ve said that the puzzles change per game – there are however a limited number available. There’s a couple below in case you happen to get the same ones:

    Baggage handler puzzle:

    Bus driver’s (camel) puzzle:

    I do hope someone makes it out!

    • Arson says:


      to complet “My first puzzle solution I don’t remember the layout had solution:

  14. missmobius says:

    how to end game: Just keep trying