Eric the Circle (lite)

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Eric the Circle is a Physics-based drawing game where your goal is to help Eric (the circle) that get himself caught in awkward positions.

Use your wits and a dash of ink to help him overcome obstacles and platforms.

Use the arrow keys to move and jump and use your mouse to draw lines that will help Eric to get through obstacles.

Click the rubber button and then use your mouse to remove lines from the game window.

The game features 10 levels – that’s the “lite” part of the game – of increasing difficulty plus an extra level that is only unlocked when you score over 120,000 points.

And be warned, scoring 120,000 points is not an easy task.

Eric the Circle is an awesome game; please give us a “full” version with more levels!

Have fun!

Eric the Circle video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.67


9 Comments to Eric the Circle (lite)

  1. Unowninator says:

    The game isn’t working. When the page loads, the area where the game should be is blank. WTF?

  2. Lizzy says:

    Got the same problem, refreshed a million times and still nothing. Wan’t to give it a try please!

  3. Jeff says:

    Same here…got a blank page..

  4. Eric says:

    @ Unowinator, Lizzy, Jeff – You all three use IE, or am I wrong? Anyway, it should work fine now.

    I know, I know, I should spend more time testing with IE, but it’s so slooooow! Please apologize.

    • Jeff says:

      Oh…it’s not the end of the world..I enjoy the work you do to give us these games….

  5. Me2 says:

    Eric, did they name the circle after you?

  6. Prid says:

    Fun little game :D

    Video Walkthrough


  7. Nicole says:

    On level 9 the box won’t fall down, i have tried like 100 times! PLEASE HELP