Dad Escape

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After New – Who Am I?, Bear’s Life, Remake – Who am I?, Smile for Me, The Wedding Anniversary, Gift – Who am I?, Escafe and Kid’s Room, here is the latest Room Escape game from Robamimi,  Dad Escape!

Click the top left corner of the game window and select English before you click the start button!

Your daughter is missing and you decide to visit her apartment. You won’t get out before you figure out what happened to her!

Have fun!

Dad Escape walkthrough (thanks dg!)

By Eric

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20 Comments to Dad Escape

  1. NoviceG says:

    Trying to load now…

  2. NoviceG says:

    Now stuck:
    I have Show

    I have a clue to Show


    I can also see Show

    So far the game has been very logical. Anyone progressed further?

  3. Idotry says:

    Out, nice game
    For the candlesShow

  4. NoviceG says:

    OK – where are the Show

  5. Saso says:

    Found the key and dont know how to exit

  6. Saso says:

    at the end language barrier

  7. NoviceG says:

    Out now.

    Matches in Show

    Code to open wardrobe: Show

    Hint: Show

    Code: Show

  8. goldie says:

    Nice game, thnxxxx.

  9. MiniTaurus says:

    Nice little game ^^

  10. dg says:

    For English, press the word “Japanese” at the beginning.



    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    8. Show

    9. Show

    10. Show

    11. Show

    12. Show

    13. Show

    14. Show

    15. Show

    16. Show

    19. Show

    20. Show

  11. Danielle says:

    Out, thanks dg :)

  12. jennifercsu says:

    nice game, i love it!

  13. saladdd says:

    easy game.nice!

  14. ita0ati says:

    I can’t open the drawer right before the story ends! help???

  15. Shazbutt says:

    I don’t understand the end story?! Who is the …Show

    • Ginger says:

      maybe he’s her boyfriend? <.<

    • Duong says:

      It’s her boyfriend. In Asia, when a boyfriend call his girlfriend’s father Dad, that’s mean their relationship is very seriously, they may be getting married. The couple in this story must be in hospital for some pregnant problem.

  16. aliceboy says:

    Very nice…though I sure wish I’d realised I needed to press the ‘Japanese’ button at the beginning, rather than the button meaning I should press it if I WANTED Japanese!