Space Hopper – Nitrome

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Space HopperSpace HopperSpace Hopper is a brand new game from Nitrome and is available on their website to play.

The goal in this little arcade action game is to jump from planet to planet and collect all the stars to open a black hole and reach the next level, until you find your way back home.

Use the left and right arrow to move around the planet and press the up arrow to jump over obstacles or to land on another planet if it is close enough!

Some planets have different properties such as gravity or slipperiness. Several different enemies can harm you and with only four lives for each level, “you’d better watch where you step!”

Space Hopper comes with 15 brilliantly designed levels, simple controls and a catchy soundtrack. If the general gameplay of Space Hopper is great, it may be too slow and a bit repetitive for some people. But for the vast majority of casual games players, Space Hopper is a new refreshing and exciting challenge for the whole family brought to you by Nitrome!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


One Comment to Space Hopper – Nitrome

  1. nickw says:

    i guess this will hold me over until super mario galaxy