Way to Morrow

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Way to MorrowWay to Morrow-Way to Morrow is a new Point’n’Click adventure game released one week ago by a team of French students from Franche-Comte University. The game is only available in French.

The action takes place somewhere in France, in 2108. You are a PD officer and you just get a call from your HQ: they ask you to visit an old and abandoned building because strange noises were heard there. Once inside the building, strange things will happen and you will have to figure out how to progress through the different floors of the building.

Click the “Commencer” (Start) word at the top right corner of the game window to begin the game and use your mouse (hold the left button to move around) to explore the area.

The authors kept in Way to Morrow the same look and fell of games like F.E.A.R. (well, almost) and both the 3D graphics and animations are really well done. But of course, this has a price: the game requires a 1280×1024 resolution to run and a high speed broadband connection is vital to enjoy the experience, because the game loads the next scene in real time as you play.

That being said, if your PC meets the requirements, you definitely can’t miss this one!

Have fun!

Note: Flash PLayer 9 required.

Source: Nicosite.

By Eric

current rating 3.67


27 Comments to Way to Morrow

  1. yamon says:

    I can’t do French.

  2. Jeff says:

    I have 2 floorplans, 2 booklets and have been on both floors. Anyone figure anything else out ???????

  3. Mr Kiplng says:

    i have got 2 books, 3 floor plans, a key, an eyeball and a green stick thing.

    really stuck now, been every open door and all 3 floors.

    i think its a matter of looking around for more keys and other things barely visible.

  4. Jeff says:

    3 floor plans, stick and eyeball? Where?

  5. Jeff says:

    Wait, found a key in the do it yourself room (babelfish helps)

  6. Mr Kiplng says:

    i found the stick and eyeball on the first floor


    just found another book, this time with a number in it

  7. Jeff says:

    got a key in the room with the wood panels on the floor. How do you use it?

  8. Jeff says:

    okay, got the stick….

  9. Jeff says:

    store room? The one with the jars and the broken green one on the floor?

  10. Jeff says:

    OKay, got 3 books, 3 maps, stick, eye and key. the 3rd book says it has 4 numbers but can only read the three (I think)

  11. Mr Kiplng says:

    i think so, i just clicked on the jars and i had an eyeball in my inventory, i could`nt click on the jars after that.

    i have Show

    the game keeps crashing on me, so i have to wait about 10 mins so i can play again.
    good job you can save your progress.

  12. Mr Kiplng says:

    it says the last digit has been wiped away.

  13. Freakclau says:

    ok.. the “stick”‘ is it the tube with the green fume??
    i’m stuck in the basement, any ideas?

  14. vivi says:

    ho scoperto una stanza nel sottosuolo.
    adesso però non sòpiù da che parte andare.
    I’ve found another room in the basement (sous-sol) it’s left near the elevator.
    but now i’m stuk there, i don’t know where found the code for the other door!!

  15. Revolver says:

    how do you get started? All I see is a building and hear the thunder storm.

  16. stacks says:

    Found the way out


  17. elliot says:

    Where have you found the new room, vivi?

  18. elliot says:

    et bien, I m in the basement, I ve been in the big room with the tank, found the old notebook, the tubes and… no number for the other room. Stuck now!

  19. I need walkthrough for gamez (a lot of games) says:


  20. Barbie says:

    I can’t find the Show

  21. Angela says:

    if you want to start the game you have to go to the right hand coner of the computer click on the word that says charger put your name in the box and click on the button to the right of it and wait abit then you can play because it loads everybit

  22. Angel says:

    any full /spoiler ?

  23. charlie says:

    I went up the stairs to second floor and am in the dark. Can’t see anything. what is going on?

  24. Jaben says:

    Its completely in french!!!!! I dont understand
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  25. george says:

    Its completely in french good game anyway note:i complet the game

  26. Cheryl Ruth Hines-Dronzkowski says:

    Could someone please share the code for the elevator?

  27. Cheryl Ruth Hines-Dronzkowski says:

    Never mind, I got out!
    If I knew how to use “spoilers”, I would do a walkthrough for this game.