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Get the GlassGet the GlassGet the Glass is an incredible racing board advergame with stunning graphics and animations created by the Swedish web agency North Kingdom for the American got milk campaign.

Your mission is to help the milk-deprived Adachi family navigate/survive all five regions of the board, break into Fort Bridge and get the glass. But be careful! Fort Bridge security is hot on your tail. If they catch up, they’re more than happy to ship you and the Adachis off to “Milkatraz”! Three trips to Milkatraz and the game is over.

Get the GlassTo play, simply click and hold on the dice and release it to roll. The Adachi truck will drive to the corresponding square. There are four different types of squares you can land on, each with its own characteristics. Please read the instructions for further details.

Inspired from the Game of the Goose that was invented a long, long time ago, Get the Glass is amazingly well made and you will hardly find an advergame that has such wonderful animations, graphics, music and humor. It’s truly a must see!

Have fun!

Source: Wearegame

Note: a broadband connection is required!

By Eric

current rating 3.67


28 Comments to Get the Glass

  1. Moebius says:

    I cant imagine what is the final phrase I cant reach the final

  2. Misia says:

    super game!!!!

  3. Misia says:

    final phrase is:Can I please get the glass?

  4. Patricia says:

    Great game and absolutely superb graphics. This really could be made into a longer version.
    Two complaints, I found the misfortune cards just came up far too frequently to not to put the thought into one’s head that there is a bit of “fix” in the game. I was stuck on the exact same spot for six turns and about a 1/2 hours time. Get send back two spaces, roll a two, get sent back two spaces, roll a two and over and over again.
    The only other issue I have was how long it took for the activities to load, at least 1-3 minutes a piece which is far too long and adds considerable time to one’s game.
    But despite these minor irritants, I could not have enjoyed a game more and I really hope there is a move a foot to expand this into a much long game with a “save” function.
    Vancouver, Canada

  5. Joe says:

    Excellent game, cannot fault the downloads really, the graphics are up to Pixel Studios standards and you cant get that down even a broadband easily.

    Only complaint is the final, getting in to the Milk factory, I either missed the clue or it really is guesswork which lowers the quality of the gaming.

  6. DAVID says:

    Uh, yeah, whoever gave us the “Final phrase” obviously cannot get past the first level. Because there is no final phrase. Just a sequence of numbers. One that I can only assume is important to…dairy…farmers…? I dunno, but this particular sequence of numbers was, to me, purely chance. Anyway, good luck…

  7. Ragm says:

    Getting in the factory is just easy if you look at your screen. The final question comes after the sequence of number.

  8. Beefy says:

    it took only seconds for everything to load for me

  9. Slim says:

    The final phrase is (with correct grammer)

    To open the vault: Show

  10. Secret Squirrel says:

    Okay people, let’s calm down. It would seem the majority of us can’t make the driving game work, so instead just post bail by emailing yourself. You will have to wait for the clock to run out after you’ve “saved your friend” via email, so relax. Go get a glass of milk while you wait for it to tick down. ;)

    In the flower mini-game, just start with one of the lower edges of her hair. Trying to place them at the top of her head first is risky if you don’t have it nearly lined up– it’s very unforgiving, and you’ll lose valuable time if you get it wrong.

    The answers mini-game to downplay mom’s PMS (first game I ever saw that devoted so much time to PMS, kinda weirded me out) is easy if you simply look Show

    As for the combo, just look around the edge of your screen– Show

    Once you have the combo, there’s a handle on the edge of the dial– use that.

    Finally, as for the question, use the manners you were taught as a kid, but use bad grammar– start with “Can I” instead of “May I”, which I was using and getting the answer wrong.
    As for the rest of the answer, stop for a second and think about Show

  11. Secret Squirrel says:

    P.S. Don’t even THINK about playing this game on dialup. It’s a graphics/audio/animation-heavy game, and requires speed here.

  12. Serbia95 says:

    The game is fun and all,but i can,t get fru the first level.I dont get that thing with the truck.I always run out of time.The graphics are very good.And the music two.But its geting anoying.

  13. Duero says:

    I think this game gets more praise than it should. Yes it has awesome graphics and great sound, but it has only a few mini-games and the dice don’t seem to roll randomly, like i will get streaks of 1’s a lot and the cops seem to get the 6 streaks often as well. Then there is the added “difficulty” of getting past the last section of misfortune spaces, which can be aggrivating if you are in one of your 1’s streaks. The mastermind cards are a nice touch, but the lack of giving the correct answer if you get it wrong doesn’t help educate (which I see this game trying to do). The games themselves are very easy, but that makes it good for all ages. And one final note about the final phrase, even if you do know the answer, with the usage of the delete key taken away, even knowing the answer will not help if you mistype something.

    Anyways, that’s my 2 cents after playing the game twice.

  14. bekhung says:

    wats the CODE TO GET IN THE HOUSE?

  15. Sabrina says:

    I loved playing this game! But I was sad after it ended…. i just finished like right now! ^.^ YAY MILK!

  16. lucio says:

    what’s the code to get to fort ridge

  17. You know who says:

    Here are the secret numbers to unlock the fort fridge door: Show

    P.S. It took me while to get oh yea and im #1 haha i havent played in a while so i dun know if im still #1.

    and the phrase is : Show

  18. Tom says:

    damnit i dont know how to do the numbers

  19. dude says:

    i thought it was super and i loved it it was fast and i spun the weel and got out of jail

  20. baygomes001 says:

    I thought it was fun and the last phrase is Show

    and also to find the vault codes, Show

  21. Eric says:

    For some reason the road won’t show up on my screen for the mini game. I can see the van, but the rest is just a black screen. Have any on you had this problem and solved

  22. defined says:

    Lots of wasted time. Buggy game.

  23. Paul says:

    The game isnt buggy. the truck I beat the 2nd time around, the hair thing is easy, the code is in the top right corner, the puzzle was very easy, and the word game…you would eventually figure out without dieing….Its a good cool game

  24. Matt says:

    Is there a way to make the hot pursuit (truck game) to work? I see an all-black screen, which is not very useful. Worse than that, that’s the only game that comes up to me, so after a while I have to start over again.

    • me says:

      try to update your flash and see what happens. or try the game one another computer e.g. friend, work or neighbor.

  25. shubbing says:

    Great game, only complaints were that it ‘paused’ every few minutes to load for the mini games even though i was on a broadband connection and there were simply too few mini games. I managed to get through the truck game on my third try.

  26. XONI says:

    Thanks for giving us the final solution of phrase (get the glass).

  27. ezra says:

    what is the number to get in the fort fridge door