Samegame Hexagonized

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Samegame HexagonizedSamegame HexagonizedMore than a year after he published Samegame (September 2005), his most successful puzzle game so far, Jussi Kari decided to create a new version of his game, Samegame Hexagonized.

If this brand new version is nearly the “same game” as the previous one, the author added a few improvements that make Samegame Hexagonized a bit more exciting than the original.

First of all, the squares are replaced with hexagons (you don’t look surprised). A new bonus item was added to the bombs and row/column destroyers: the single block destroyer and the daily top three high scores are now displayed in the game window.

The general presentation of the game was also improved and the overall result is really satisfying. Better than Samegame, Samegame Hexagonized shares one characteristic with the original: there is no sound at all in this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

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2 Comments to Samegame Hexagonized

  1. Diane says:

    I think it is very good, but going back to the beginning every time if one fails to make a level is a time waster. Why not do the failed level again instead?

  2. Free Online Games says:

    I like these games, the match up the boxes/gems/bubbles/cows kinda things. I’d much rather play the ones where the items are replaced and you have to reach a certain number or level before moving on. I’ve never been good at the complete removal games. I’ve tried so many strategies and none seem to work. Top down, leave one color, start from the bottom left, etc.