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SameGameSameGameFor all of you who like SameGame-like games, I recommend a special visit at, “a two member flash game site with an emphasis on OOP and clean pixel graphics.” One of two authors, Jussi Kari, developed this version of SameGame in October 2005.

In SameGame, the object is to find matching groups of two or more blocks to make them disappear, and to clear the board to gain access to the next level. The first level comes with three different colors of blocks, and a new color is added for each succeeding level.

Three special bonuses are available in the bottom right corner of the game window. The first one removes a whole line, the second one removes a whole column and the last one removes a 3×3 group. More bonuses are added after each completed level. Click the give up button when you can’t play anymore.

Another simple but interesting version of SameGame, with no sound at all!

Have fun!

By Eric

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