Are you good at Geography? 4. WorldMap – GameDesign

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World MapWorld MapHere is the fourth Flash game of our series to test your knowledge of Geography. Today: The World!

Taro Ito, the Japanese designer behind Gamedesign released World Map a few months ago. The game will test your geographical knowledge of the World with a set of twenty questions about countries and map locations.

Simply click the right location with your mouse. World Map is timed and you have only twelve seconds to find the right location. Note that a wrong click will decrease the timer by three seconds.

Good luck and have fun!

By Eric

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One Comment to Are you good at Geography? 4. WorldMap – GameDesign

  1. k says:

    Love this game but it has some significant problems…..It is impossible to click on some of the smallest countries and so even if you click on them quickly and correctly it doesn’t register them !! so frustrating because otherwise challenging and well designed. Wish this were fixed and the map could be bigger.