Speed Cluster

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Speed ClusterSpeed ClusterSpeed Cluster is a nice arcade game developed by GamePure. The goal here is to drag and drop cards from your hand onto the blue markers at the base of each of the four columns where random cards fall.

The card you drag onto the blue marker must be in sequence with the falling one (either higher or lower). The more cards you drag onto the same blue marker to make combos, the better!

The game is timed and creating combos refills your time bar. Click the blue markers to pass if you want to quickly discard some falling cards.

Nicely done, Speed Cluster becomes surprisingly quickly addictive. My only complain would be that there is no high score table to let you see how your high score ranks with other players.

Overall, another excellent game recommended for a 10 minute break!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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