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FishyFishyFishy is a small flash game developed by Xgenstudios, and another easy to learn, tricky to play addicting game. You are a small fish named Fishy, surviving somewhere in the deep, blue ocean.

Your goal here is to eat any smaller fish (just touch your prey), which makes you grow, and avoid larger predators or the game just ends.

Use the arrow keys to control Fishy. Beware of the inertia in water; Fishy doesn’t stop immediately after releasing the arrow keys, and it takes more than a second to accelerate to full speed.

If you swim through the left edge, you will appear on the right edge, and vice-versa.

The game comes with different levels, each one featuring larger fish. Music is a bit repetitive and I recommend turning sound off.

Nicely done, Fishy is a really good distraction for a 5 minute break: it’s now up to you to feed or be fed upon!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.57


4 Comments to Fishy

  1. Sarah says:

    first yay!

  2. asif says:

    does anyone know any cheats for this game if u do id really like 2 know


    no i dont think theres any cheats

  4. YangYang says:

    I just beat Fishy! This is the second time I played it and I managed to do the impossible. Well, not impossible but Jarold seems to think that way. I got bigger and bigger and tried to avoid eating the fish to avoid messing up the ecosystem but failed. In the end I ate all the fish and got a high score of Show

    . Is that the Max score you can get? There are Show

    fish in the whole game. Did any of you get that total?