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EyezmazeAnother interesting place to play with high quality games is Eyezmaze.com, designed by On, a Japanese flash games designer.

You will find on On’s website all the games he has developed until now.

The author focuses on providing games with a high level of animations, neat graphics and good soundtracks.

Every game featured in Eyezmaze is really easy to understand and can be played by everyone.

Note that the website is written in both Japanese and English, which is definitely helpful – Thanks On!

Here is a selection of the most interesting ones, including the famous Grow…

Grow (Ver. 3)

GrowA really simple drag and drop game: select the 10 different icons one after another, drag and drop them onto the red “Grow» sphere and then observe what happens! Nothing else to do but trying to figure out how to get the perfect score with the right sequence!

Have fun!

Grow RPG

Grow RPGThe first Grow sequel keeps the same rules that made the first opus so successful in the online gamers community, but adds additional RPG-like elements, such as a dungeon, a dragon and a brave hero, whose fate is to defeat the red devil. Once again, the order you choose to drag and drop the eight different icons onto the green “Grow” sphere will determine the success of your hero in defeating the devil.

Have fun!

Grow Cube

Grow CubeThe gameplay of this second Grow sequel is quite similar to the previous games, with two minor differences: first, no need to drag and drop icons anymore, just click on the items along the sides of the game window one-by-one. And second, the sphere used in the two first episodes was replaced by a Cube! Another Grow game with great animations!

Have fun!

Check the comments to find the solutions for each Grow episode!


ChrononOn has just released Chronon yesterday, a new and original point’n’click puzzle game, in which you will have to figure out how to move correct items in a lair’s creature to complete the story. Click on the different objects to use them when it is possible and check the red bar at the bottom of the screen showing your progress.

To add some difficulty, a time scale was implemented: select the different parts of the day by clicking on the time buttons at the top of the screen. Having said that, everything is about using the right object at the right time!

Have fun!

Grow series walkthrough!

Chronon walkthrough!

Chronon video walkthrough!

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  1. Somebody says:

    Hang the clock up at 12;25 and click on the key at 14:55

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  3. orson says:

    i rly need simple walkthrough on chronon

  4. Mr. Eye Monster says:

    VER.1.1b SPOILER ALERT! Follow this and you shall accomplish!

  5. jumpyyyy says:

    how do i do the one with the pots and the brick and the clouds?????

  6. Chorororooooo says:

    if u cant get 100/100
    put all ingredients except Poison.
    Hope that Helped! ^^

  7. gigantor says:

    i cant do any thing in this game im gonna rage quit theres no walkthrough heeeeeelllllllpppp!!