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KoozacKoozacKoozac is an action puzzle game developed by Ben Cusack, from UK. The game was nominated at the 2006 International Mobile Gaming Awards.

Koozac combines the basic principles of two super famous casual games, Sudoku and Tetris. The concept of the game is simple: position the falling blocks on top of each other to complete the number shown at the bottom left of the game window (in other words, if you need to complete a 7, stack a #3 block with a #4 block – for example – and that’s it!). If you succeed to complete a number, the corresponding blocks will disappear. 25 blocks on the board end the game.

If Koozac is really well done, it is also very difficult to master, due to the increasing speed of the falling blocks and the stack of three or four (five?) blocks required to complete later levels.

Overall, Koozac is another interesting Tetris variation, perfect if you want to burn a few neurones during a five minute break!

Have fun!

By Eric

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3 Comments to Koozac

  1. ryan says:

    the mobile download doesnt work on their site.. shame, it looks like a great game

  2. Rob says:

    It looks to me rather similar to Valgetal, in which you also play with falling numbers. However, in Valgetal you can also choose to substract, multiply and to divide the falling numbers. What I do not understand why Sudoku is mentioned, because in Sudoku you do not have to use mathematics at all! Actually you could play Sudoku also with letters, for example. By the way, my children and myself, play Valgetal already for years with great fun…

  3. BrianPuzzler says:

    Thought PC was terrible. Falling numbers are quite often (50%?) higher than the sum needed. Very few low number blocks appear, even at lower levels. Also the blocks dropping are blocked by the title if they drop at the left of screen.