Fields of Logic

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Fields of LogicFields of LogicLast October, Bart Bonte, the author of Bonte Room 1 & 2, released Seen on Screen, his first collection of very small puzzle games.

I wondered then if the game would be the first of a new series and we have today the answer with Fields of Logic:

“After ‘Seen on Screen’ it’s time for a brand new logical challenge. Complete all levels by using purely some logic.

Get your brain into shape and start using your logical skills!”

This second episode features 16 levels and is a bit more difficult that the original one.

Have fun!

By Eric

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41 Comments to Fields of Logic

  1. Eric says:

    Fields of Logic walkthrough


  2. michelle says:

    how do u do the slidin pic!? its sooo hard

  3. rebecca says:

    boring I finish in 7 mins

  4. Nicole says:

    I can’t figure out the Slide Puzzle!! Any Ideas

  5. bobski says:

    Does anyone know how to get past level 9?

  6. Kim says:

    level 9? how can i do it?

  7. angry man says:

    15 minutes, and about 10 were spent on the slide puzzle

  8. Princess Courtney says:

    “boring I finish in 7 mins”

    Yeah, but you can’t spell 0_o

  9. ruth says:

    :O i did the sliding level i was trying to move this piece over to another place and the sound came on that takes you to another level i don’t know how i did it!! sorry

  10. ruth says:

    i did it woop!

  11. Eight minutes says:



  12. nickw says:

    11 minutes with a bathroom break. EASY

  13. aubrey says:

    ahhh i cant get the slider puzzle!

  14. otacsaf says:

    18 min… not too bad. don’t ask me how i did that slider. i hate those things. :)

  15. Greg says:

    Someone please tell me the steps to beat level 10

  16. Himiko says:

    i don’t get lvl 5……….

  17. Bob Barker says:

    Hey Eight Minutes. Thanks for not finishing. Really appreciate it.

  18. Bob Barker says:

    But by the way, I hope what you said was right.

  19. Emlyn Bennett says:

    whooo only 7 minutes, for some reason found slider puzzle really easy

  20. Armingo says:

    I don’t know why my posts have been deleted… but i finished this in seven ten minutes, but my record is six. Not very good, eh? The puzzle is a beater. :D

  21. Hawaiin Princess says:

    4 M!N$ wid n0 h£(p at a((

  22. Hawaiin Princess says:

    How do you actually register for this site like eric has?????

  23. ryan mort says:

    wow i finished in 6 mins.

  24. MiMi says:

    Can someone please give the answer for the slider?!?!

  25. p.delacruz says:

    5min 22sec…someone wanna try and beat that?

  26. lisa says:

    help !!! lv 5?

  27. lisa says:

    done it in 3 mins and 49 secs

  28. Starr(Not Real Name) says:

    This was easy! I get those little slider puzzles all the time so even that one was easy!

  29. vilma (to Himiko) says:

    dont worry i didnt get it too :(

  30. RandaBee says:

    Okay so I got the puzzle… I think, anyone wanna tell me how to move on to the next level???

  31. livgrl says:

    HELP!!! #10!!!!!!!

  32. Needing help! says:

    how to do # 10?????!?!?!?!?

  33. MS. JASPER HALE says:


    • says:

      Turn the top-center computer, the middle-left and middle-right, and the bottom-middle computer to make a white “X”.

    • Meagan says:

      You have to make a X with the screens. Click the bottom middle, middle right, middle left, and middle top.

  34. kim says:

    i had the slide puzzle in 3 minutes it was very easy

  35. the confused gal says:

    HOW DO I DO THE SLIDING COW PUZZLE????????????????????? I AM STUCK!!

  36. MrJ says:

    for level 10, all I can say is that the middle row left is empty

  37. cassie says:

    make level 9 a chess bord