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ValoValoValo is a small and very nice skill game developed by Ian Snyder that was just released today at Mousebreaker. The game finished at the third place of the Mousebreaker Flash Game Development Competition organized this fall by Richard and his crew.

The object here is to use your mouse pointer and click all the blue dots to advance to the next level (100 levels are available), while avoiding the red dots. Hold your mouse button and drag your pointer over the dots to draw lines and then go faster (default style: 1 click).

Each level is timed: you will score a bonus if you succeed to complete a level before the time is over, or get negative points if you spend more time than allowed.

Collect the purple dots to get more time, and yellow dots to refill your heath bar. The game is over once your health bar is empty.

Valo is another perfect example of how a game can be really successful with a simple design and a minimalist soundtrack: it’s simply beautiful, it’s very addictive and it reminds us that code is sometime… poetry!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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