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Zoo KeeperZoo KeeperZoo Keeper is another clone of the ultra famous puzzle game Bejeweled that was first developed in 2004 by Robot Communication and then later ported to the Nitendo DS by Japanese video game publisher Success.

Until recently, the online version of Zoo Keeper was limited to the “main” game mode: catch three animals of each type to go to level 2; catch four animals of each type to go to level 3, etc.

A new version of the Flash version of Zoo Keeper was released at Kiteretsu, a Japanese games portal: it includes now the Quest mode available in the Nitendo DS version. This mode features ten levels, with more specific challenges:

1. Capture 20 lions (while capturing as few other animals as possible)
2. Capture 15 more giraffes than pandas (or 15 more pandas than giraffes).
3. Create thirty chains.
4. Capture each animal only once.
5. Pick a flashing tile.
6. Move a flashing tile to the bottom of the screen.
7. Capture seven times without chaining.
8. Capture a group of four or more animals five times.
9. Capture ten vertical lines (while capturing as few horizontal lines as possible).
10. Fill the timer.

The new version allows you to swap animals during combos (faster gameplay) and a few “hints” are also available on the right side of the game window: use them wisely!

If you are a fan of Bejeweled, you should like this updated version: have fun!

Note: the previous version of Zoo Keeper is still available here.

By Eric

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  1. bru says:

    hey.. that game rocks man! but i want to download it, how can i do that?? does anybody knows?