Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again

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Reincarnation: Riley's Out AgainReincarnation: Riley's Out AgainReincarnation: Riley’s Out Again is the second installment in the Reincarnation series created by Christopher Gianelloni.

“Guide the demon on his path to locating the reincarny Riley and taking him back to hell with you.

Be sure to play the first game to know what is going on. However, it can still be fun without knowing too.”

This second episode features 8 levels and is a bit more challenging than the previous one. A walkthrough is provided in game.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.12


21 Comments to Reincarnation: Riley’s Out Again

  1. MissD says:


  2. Shez says:

    Very cool game!!!

  3. Quazy says:

    Short game that is pretty cool, but crawling through the vents was an utter fun destroyer for me. It’s not difficult, just annoying to wander around in the vents trying to find Riley.

  4. sarah says:

    i don’t get it! someone help me

  5. monte says:

    cool game. the vents was the toughest part…

  6. ciel says:

    hi!!!you guys know how to escape the toilet???

  7. ciel says:

    guess you guys are not playing right now……thanks anyway!!!!

  8. Irid says:

    I’m probably very dumb right now but I can’t even get past the first screen…

  9. I am me says:

    either can I

  10. Tasselfoot says:

    Video Walkthrough

    Vid will also almost certainly be in the in-game walkthrough link.


  11. Toxic says:

    That seemed far too easy, much more so than the first one…

  12. Jade Wolf says:

    LOVE this series! Can’t wait for the next one. >^..^<

  13. Lootie-Loo says:

    u guys r dummies :) jk

  14. tiki says:

    I am in the jail! How can I get the key out of the man`s tummy??

  15. Toxic says:

    tiki, Show

  16. azrael says:

    i cant get it is ther also somthing elsimvalbed

  17. azrael says:

    im playing it rite now

  18. azrael says:

    i no it now i did it

  19. azrael says:

    wears the food he wants

  20. azrael says:

    how to get to the vent thers fat wite man

  21. Tina Marie says:

    How Do you get into the vents where the fat guy is??? I cant do it