Mission In Snowdriftland

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Mission In SnowdriftlandMission In SnowdriftlandMission In Snowdriftland is a new advergame to promote the over famous brand Nitendo in Europe. The game was developed by the multimedia agency Extra Toxic, from Frankfort, Germany.

In this nice platformer, a little snowman, Chubby Snow, has just received a new assignment from The United Pixel Heroes Organisation: locate the sinister El Pix and bring back all the game files that this nasty penguin has pilfered from the Human World.

Chubby can only complete his task with your help: first, select the level you want to play in the advent calendar. Note that a new level will be unlocked every day from the 1st to the 24th of December.

Once you have selected a level, use the arrow keys to move, jump and crouch, and try to collect the 24 ice crystals and the stolen game file as well.

Mission In Snowdriftland is a very well polished advergame and everything in this game is nicely done, from the introduction to the sweet soundtrack. A very entertaining game, and a nice little present from Nintendo before Christmas!

Have fun!

Update: January 14th 2007 was the deadline for Mission in Snowdriftland. The game is no longer online.

Update: December 1st 2010. Mission In Snowdriftland is back online for a limited time! Enjoy!

By Eric

current rating 2.30


14 Comments to Mission In Snowdriftland

  1. judy says:

    i cant get to mission 7

  2. Eric says:

    Judy – you can’t get level 7 until December 7!
    Level 8 will be released December 8, level 9 December 9, and so on…

  3. ben says:

    man, does anyone know how to get the heart container thing in level 12? i’m totally stumped.

    • lyrl says:

      I didn’t realize there were “get an extra life” heart containers at the end of each “world”! I saw the one on level 6 and completely ignored it because I thought it was a normal heart, and both of mine were full. For level 12:


  4. Spaz ros says:

    me too lol i need to get the heart container. can anyone help me plz??

  5. Michael says:

    Ben: I was wondering the same thing. I think you should jump on the two horizontal snowmen before the tree with the right arrow pressed down all the time so that by the time you get to tree you have increased speed (like in SMB3). And after that, I’m not sure, maybe land in the middle of the tree and jump at the exact moment you hit the ground.

  6. ben says:

    got it! thanks.

  7. god says:

    noooooo they cannot i repeat CANNOT delete it!!!! too good a game!!

  8. god says:

    is there anywhere i can still play this game??? IM DESPERATE!!! good game

  9. Brandon says:

    I better see it on again or I will rip there balls off.

  10. wendy says:

    I too have been looking for it again, am very sad. :-(

  11. bones says:

    wooooo hoooo ! its back :)))

  12. D says:

    what Chubby the little snowman does to the poor penguins reminds me of that poem:

    “Little bunny Foo Foo
    Hopping through the forest
    Scooping up the field mice
    And bopping them on the head”