Paradoxon, the Flash Game

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Paradoxon, the Flash GameParadoxon, the Flash GameParadoxon, the Flash Game is not your common Room Escape game. The game starts like a Riddle game: you will have to solve 6 riddles to get a password. With this password, you will get access to your computer  and test your own Room Escape game before you upload it.

There are 12 riddles in total in this game but you don’t need to complete the 6 secret one. Write down the answers and then enter them and press the P button (or the S button for the secret riddles).

If you are looking for a very hard game to train your brain, give a try to Paradoxon, the Flash Game!

Have fun!

Paradoxon walkthrough (thanks Snowman!)

By Eric

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10 Comments to Paradoxon, the Flash Game

  1. mona says:


  2. mona says:

    and gone from here – too many riddles for me

  3. Gandalf says:

    solved riddles 1 till 4 !

  4. Joy says:

    solved 6 puzzles, onto next game & clueless!!!

  5. DNOMN8R says:

    Here’s what I’ve got so far.

  6. Katt says:

    this game is crazy hard.

  7. Angel1 says:

    any1 know wat the 6th password is?

  8. Angel1 says:

    this is wat i got so far:

  9. Snowman says:

    Click the book near the TV.
    Riddle 1 : Show

    Secret 1: Show

    Click the book on the bed.
    Riddle 2: Show

    Secret 2: Show

    Click the Rubik’s cube on the desk.
    Riddle 3: Show

    Secret 3: Show

    Click the chessboard near the radio.
    Riddle 4: Show

    Secret 4: Show

    Click the book near the radio.
    Riddle 5: Show

    Secret 5: Show

    Click the note on the bulletin board.
    Riddle 6: Show

    Secret 6: Show