Hex Empire

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Hex EmpireHex EmpireHex Empire is a turn-based strategy game in which you must defend your capital city and try to conquer enemy capitals.

Choose your country by clicking on one of the four capital cities placed on the map with hexagonal tiles and then start moving your armies. To keep things simple, there is only one unit type that changes appearance depending of its strength.

You can only move five units per turn. Each unit power is a sum of its morale (red number) and its size (black number). The higher the numbers, the stronger the unit. The morale of your units raises with victories and lowers with defeats. Their total size increases with the number of ports, cities and lands that you control at the end of each turn.

Unlike Dice War or kdice, there is no dice to roll in Hex Empire.

The five move rule and a good AI make the game deeper and more rewarding.  Besides, with thousands of maps and three levels of difficulty, the replay value is excellent.

If you like strategy games, play Hex Empire, you won’t be disappointed!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.46


11 Comments to Hex Empire

  1. Dangerrous says:


  2. box25 says:


  3. Katt says:

    A lot of fun!
    I really enjoyed this game. It was FAR better than Dice Wars. Probably helped that there are no dice involved.
    I’ll be playing this one for a while=)

  4. Katt says:

    48 turns later, i’ve conquered the world.
    that was intense.

  5. mar77 says:

    20 turns on map 963546 level hard.

  6. bob-comander says:

    map 2 is easy as blue no matter what difficulty

    also theres a way to get just green terrain no trees or anything.

    here it is Show

    • jermy says:

      its easy just go to the box delete all the numbers and press enter

  7. bob-comander says:

    oh hey guys i saw this map and it was pretty interesting.


  8. Cameron says:

    Lots of very good map numbers;

    630022 – Seperating Sea
    903202 – Awesome Capitulation
    637989 – Greenland as island
    458488 – Greenland’s Struggle
    665511 – Separting Sea 2
    948015 – Bluegaria – rise to power
    241473 – Best Ever As Redosia

    Do keep in mind these maps are suited to my tastes… :)

  9. nick says:

    903784 – nice separation and middle peninsula