Escape Game 1

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Escape Game 1In Escape Game 1, a new Japanese Room Escape game, you find yourself trapped in an unknown room. Look around closely, search for useful items and eventually escape from this room. Escape Game 1 is all in Japanese, but the language barrier is not a real obstacle. Have fun!

Escape Game 1 Hint-through (thanks meowwoof!)

By Eric

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29 Comments to Escape Game 1

  1. Urbek says:

    After finding some clues, stuck with:


  2. Ronja says:

    I’m missing a green ball and a 3 digit code. I can’t think where else to click…

  3. Urbek says:



  4. Ronja says:

    So far I’ve used Show

  5. Urbek says:

    Where to use the hammer?

  6. ff04ooe says:

    accescard is in the blue box.

  7. Ronja says:

    Where to use the hammer?

  8. ff04ooe says:

    Use hammer on egg.

  9. Urbek says:

    Power of posting. I’m stuck where’s Ronja Stuck.

  10. Ronja says:

    accescard is in the blue box.
    where’s the key for it?

  11. ff04ooe says:

    Key for blue box: Show

  12. Urbek says:


  13. ff04ooe says:

    Code for the golden box: Show

    In my case the Number was: Show

  14. Urbek says:

    Where did you get a hint for box under window? I’m counting the books…, but no idea.

  15. magenta says:

    Code for Box:Show

  16. =) says:


  17. dmq says:

    anyone still here ??

  18. dmq says:

    i have every thing, but it won’t give me the hammer head so i can get the red ball to get out

  19. dmq says:

    nvm out

  20. Stupidcheeseboy says:

    Where is hammer head?

  21. smee says:

    where’s the straw?

  22. smee says:

    the hammer head is Show

  23. Mila says:

    where is the last ball. Got the red and blue one

  24. Mila says:

    and the code for the box I first put the card in?? I have no idea

  25. Mila says:

    nvm I am out

  26. repcoon says:

    Where’s the straw and the green ball?

  27. meowwoof says:

    Escape Game 1 is a fun and simple game to play. I rarely make it out completely on my own, but this one is absolutely do-able. The hints and items all make sense, and there are no annoying pixel-hunts.






    Use items


  28. lou says:

    hi i carnt get the hammer head please how do you get it

  29. Lauren says:

    @ lou – Show