Tower Core

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Tower CoreTower CoreTower Core, the latest installment in the Core series created by John Feltham, is live!

“An ancient enemy is approaching earth, as the care taker of the planet it is up to you to activate the defences!

Your mission send you to a far away world, to collect three types of energy from the top of three towers, before returning to earth to blast those evil aliens out of the sky!”

Have fun!

Tower Core walkthrough (thanks Jon!)

Tower Core video walkthrough!

By Eric

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109 Comments to Tower Core

  1. crkone says:

    Thanks everyone for the help. I was overthinking the pattern for the crystal lights a bit since the actually pattern wasShow

    with slight differences between each one. The pattern I was using worked for the disks in the spirit tower so I tried using it for this part. Thanks again.

  2. daisy says:

    Neo – just because the first pieces stay doesn’t mean they are in the right final places. Try starting over.

    This was a good game. Maybe the best of the series so far!

  3. Neo1708 says:

    Aww crap. I thought because they stayed, that ment that they were correct. Thanks Daisy.

  4. Neo1708 says:

    Nevermind. I figured it out. ^^; Thanks again.

  5. Keyum says:

    i can’t leave the tech tower.. i did the goggles thing.. but now, there’s no way for me to leave?!!!! this happened to me yesterday, so I thought if came back… but I must be doing somethign wrong. please get back!!!! thanks!

  6. adadada says:


  7. Rachael says:

    on the second floor of the tech tower my pattern is the same as the one above the statue ive checked a dozen times, but the doors wont open
    any ideas??

  8. mr. magoogoo says:

    im new at the game but ive tried to put the eye and ear and mouth in one bowl thing and the rest in the other but it doesnt even out!!!!

  9. Angel says:

    The gems should be placed in order of a piano keys tone …A B C D E F G H ….follow the tone of each gems VOILA ..:)