Foreign Creature – The Unforgotten Mistake

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Foreign CreatureForeign CreatureIf you are looking for a high bloody, gory, Point’n’Click adventure game, Foreign Creature might just be for you.

In this prologue, The Unforgotten Mistake, you play the role of a “blood-thirsty foreign creature leaving a trail of blood and horror.”

“There will likely be two further chapters”, said Martijn from Bubblebox, which sponsors the game.

Did I mention it’s bloody as hell? Well, you’ve been forewarned! Play at your own risk!

Have fun!

Foreign Creature – The Unforgotten Mistake video walkhtrough!

Warning: this game contains gore and violence and is rated 17+!

By Eric

current rating 4.14


27 Comments to Foreign Creature – The Unforgotten Mistake

  1. Reign says:


  2. skluz says:

    First. Because somebody has to do it…

  3. Reign says:

    scene 1 lab:


  4. Mary says:

    Finished, it’s not that hard.

    does anyone need help?

  5. Reign says:

    scene 2 waiting room :

  6. Reign says:

    i am kinda stuck on the third let see how it goes

  7. skluz says:

    If I had known the Show

    was going to do that to the poor dog, I never would have clicked on it.

    And if you think the blood is bad, wait til you see the Show


  8. Reign says:

    whoops sorry about the spoiler part i forgot about that..

    i got it man this game is insane but i like ts pretty cool any one need help

    i could post a walk through well the rest of it anyway

  9. jeep says:

    I HATE waiting for the intros.

  10. mona says:

    this is one nasty game ha ha

  11. Chris says:

    You are right mona! There’s too much violence and even on animals!! Too evil!!

  12. Miss D says:

    Is it me or wasn’t it all that bloody? Still is a nice game, can’t wait for the sequell.

  13. Jade Wolf says:


  14. Jade Wolf says:

    I am interested in playing the sequel. It’s a lot like the game where you play death and have to meet your quota…

  15. cjmah says:

    does who play this game r very scared
    please do not on the speaker

  16. terry says:


    then the next

  17. Gogogo says:

    What about when Show

  18. Interesting says:

    This game is quite a sequel of Zeebarf’s “The Visitor”. Or vice versa? To whom belongs the idea? Though Zeebarf himself wrote on his website “Feel free to steal them; I’m willing to share my games with the world!”…

  19. Buxton says:

    how do you do the waiting room

  20. ashley says:

    can some post what u do in the 4th scence

  21. j says:

    cant find the damn lamp on lvl 2!!

  22. roldie12 says:

    what do i do in the intersection level?

  23. avatar says:

    At the crossing:a man in white shirt and a briefcase in left hand crosses the road from left side,he drops a coin nd take it again.afterwards he cross the road at zebra crossing to right side.while he is crossing to right side repeatedly click on him and watch.

  24. none above says:

    how do i do the mission after he kills the girl in the room with the lamp

  25. leonizer says:

    how do i do the mission after he kills the girl in the room with the lamp