Jigsaw Deluxe

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Jigsaw DeluxeJigsaw Deluxe is a Jigsaw game with an arcade mode a la Zuma from EleFun Games. In each level, the pieces of the picture are floating around the playing field: put them together in order to create a picture before they reach the exit. Jigsaw fans should like this one! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.78


3 Comments to Jigsaw Deluxe

  1. A bit too easy but otherwise worth a shot!

  2. Muelsch says:

    Still no comments? Here is one:

    Level 1: 2242 Points… don’t like to puzzle so let’s call it a day…

  3. Muelsch says:

    It Was a lie! :P
    Unlocked everything 3 games later… a bit too short… :(