Soap Bubble II

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Soap Bubble IISoap Bubble 2Soap Bubble II is a new skill game developed by Anders Gustafsson from Sweden.

In the first episode, released almost two years ago, you were a soap bubble playing with your friends when you discovered a hole behind a bush. As you entered the hole, some rocks felt behind you and blocked the exit. The only way to escape was to go through each of the 14 levels of the game, without touching anything.

In Soap Bubble II, the poor bubble finds itself trapped in a more industrial setting and will have to struggle with wind tunnels, water hazards and machinery gone haywire.

Use the arrow keys to move your bubble. Pressing any arrow key increases your speed as long as you hold it down.

Soap Bubble is a very hard skill game: it looks like the author decided to improve everything in episode II, and as a result, the sequel is… harder!!

My best advice to help you keep your nerves under control: don’t play this game! Oh and Anders, if you decide to work on S.B. 3, please, make it easier!

And now that you’ve been warned, have fun!

Update: Enter level codes in uppercase!

Note: Play Soap Bubble here…

By Eric

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7 Comments to Soap Bubble II

  1. stephanie says:

    Only manage to play till the stage featured in the picture..
    The code is Show

    Anyone went further? It’s hard… =/

  2. hnd says:

    5 stage further MXHF :S

  3. hnd says:

    final stages code is..

    CJFF :D

    it was not that hard :P

  4. Lebon says:

    a little further: XPFK

  5. the man says:

    lvl2: Show

    lvl3: Show

    lvl4: Show

    lvl5: Show

  6. Charlie says:

    you can’t get past level KLFB (the one featured in the pic) it just doesn’t work!!!!

  7. Milan says: