Sagrario’s Room

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sagrario-room-50In Sagrario’s Room, a new nice looking Room Escape game by Valentin Sagrario, you find yourself trapped in an unknown room. The room is almost empty: there is only a chair attached to the floor, blocking access to the exit door… Have fun!

Sagrario’s Room walkthrough (thanks Olbo!)

By Eric

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212 Comments to Sagrario’s Room

  1. alex says:

    in the end, is the goal to get four /different/ coordinates? four of my coordinates match– in mine, it’s

    1. d1
    2. a2
    3. d3
    4. d4
    5. b2 (OD)
    6. d4 (LU)
    7. c2 (GO)
    8. b2 (CK)

    4. and 6. match, as do 5. and 8. :s

  2. alex says:

    sorry, i didn’t mean “four different coordinates.” i just meant… all differing coordinates.

  3. alex says:

    nevermind, i’m an idiot, disregard my last two comments.

    and sorry for the triple-post. thanks.

  4. jto says:

    …and out (finally).
    great graphics, but needed help…

  5. sara says:

    i need help about the radio, i´m impossible to find the musical password to open it… somebody can helps me??? pleaseeee

  6. JAMES says:

    I NEED HELP!!!!!

  7. Tammy says:

    i need assistance!!

    how do u open that right square slide with the button next 2 it
    i kno it has sumthing to do with 10 sec but can someone explain wat exactly do u need 2 do because im confused!!

  8. chantale says:

    i also need help with the radio???

  9. jade says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! i am stuck on the very end bit i reallllyyy don’t understand wht u do. AHHHHHH

  10. Adam says:

    it means hold it in for 10 sec

  11. bruno says:

    what do i do to get the higher tone ?

  12. andy says:

    great i’m stuffed, medically deaf so the sound box thing has done me in. unless anyone can tell me the code.