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CyadoniaCyadoniaCyadonia is an excellent puzzle game created by James Newcombe, in which your goal is to guide your cyad to the exit avoiding the dangers, picking up diamonds, and making use of extras on some of the levels when you find them.

Cyadonia is similar to games like Excit, Road Blocks 2 or Orbox B, but it is packed with tons of devious objects that make it unique in its genre.

There are 300 levels (!) in the full version of the game, but if you don’t want to scratch your head forever, play the “light” version first: it features only 100 levels (and it automatically saves your progress, of course)!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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84 Comments to Cyadonia

  1. Toxic says:

    k_sdike, the full version makes this one seem like a day at the beach ;-)

    89% of it completed…

  2. Toxic says:

    Scratch that, 90% :-D

  3. Toxic says:

    k_sdike, for 97 Show

  4. Toxic says:

    lili, level 83 Show

  5. k_sdike says:

    thanks Toxic, knew it was staring at me

    though now that I’m halfway through the full version they do seem simple!

  6. Toxic says:

    k_sdike, welcome aboard the ‘hard one’ ;-)
    Up to 92% now and getting stuck!
    Most of the ones I have left to do seem to be of the sort where u have to be psychic to know what’s going to happen, so they have to be completed a bit at a time until u know how everything works…

  7. sumiop says:

    i need help on lvl 65 plz

  8. Toxic says:

    sumiop, the best way to do the mazes is to work backwards from the exit and find which blocks u need to ‘hit’ and how to get there, before u start moving…

  9. Toxic says:

    Nobody playing anymore?
    Just me?

  10. Toxic says:


  11. k_sdike says:

    I’m still here!

    92%. just can’t see how to get out of some of them!

  12. Toxic says:

    You’ve almost caught me up!

    The ones left to do are bad…

    Teleports of Insanity seems impossible…

  13. k_sdike says:

    oh I’ve actually done that one!

    I don’t remember exactly how but


    where I’m stuck, I either can’t see how they’re done or can’t do fast enough (think then act quickly is killing me at the moment.)

  14. Toxic says:

    I realised Show

  15. Toxic says:

    And I do think that some of the timed ones are impossible to do in the time given…

  16. k_sdike says:

    just discovered you can turn the time off!

    that’s that done…

  17. Toxic says:

    Oh, I thought u must have seen that already or I’d have mentioned it…

    It is slightly like cheating tho ;-)

  18. k_sdike says:

    it is a bit :) I did only turn it on for that one, because I kept getting knocked out by 2-3 seconds, even doing everything perfectly.

    I think it’s more frustrating knowing the way and not being able to execute it

  19. Toxic says:

    There’s one, think it’s called ‘chase the exits’, where I had to turn the timer off. Then, even tho I knew xactly how to do it and where to go, I couldn’t do it with the timer back on…

  20. k_sdike says:

    you gotten any further? I’m at 96% now.

    these are the ones I haven’t done yet

  21. k_sdike says:

    citadel finished, 97%. I spent so long on the last level yesterday, and this morning I saw what I was doing wrong immediately! argh this game.

  22. Toxic says:

    Still on 93%, been too ‘busy’ playing Colourshift ;-)

  23. lee says:

    how do you do orange country

  24. skylineboombox says:

    hey toxic i finally finished cyad and am now working on cyadonia. just thought i would let you know your not the only one out there and i am sure i will need you help as i did with some of the levels in cyad. this forum helps alot!!!

  25. saliva says:

    how do i get past the staircase level (99) ?

  26. Toxic says:

    I accidentally deleted my ‘cookies’, so now I’m on 0% :-(

  27. Toxic says:

    And that also means I’ve got a new avatar on here, which I don’t like :-/

  28. Toxic says:

    Well that’s Cyad completed again (in one sitting), Cyadonia is next…

  29. Toxic says:

    Back up to 58% so far on Cyadonia…

  30. Toxic says:


  31. myrthe says:

    Can someone please help me on level 92?
    I really can’t come close to ANY of the exits!
    Thanks for you help!

  32. Toxic says:

    I’m back! :-)

  33. Toxic says:

    And I’ve got my old avatar back! :-D